I’m excited to introduce you to my first new book for 8 years: 17 – The little way to get a lot done

It’s a limited edition book written off the back of a pop-up group.

The 17 Group has been running since 1st July and ends tomorrow.

What started simply as a way to kick start the second half of 2020, has developed into something quite amazing.

And I have been writing like crazy; bringing together ideas, tools and techniques from the last eight years and combining them with the activity of the 17 Group.

And now I’m launching 17 The Book. It’s packed with; how to’s, life and work hacks, motivation, stories, inspiration and ways get more out this thing we call life!

Here are your details:

It will be published on 17th September

It’s very much a limited edition

That means there will only be 999 hardback copies

Each one will be individually hand-numbered

Each one signed by the author

There’s a website where you can find out all the details, see some amazing offers and place your order.

There’s even a video of an over-excited me talking about it.


And when I say amazing offers – I mean amazing!


There will be an  audio download.

Narrated by me

Containing the whole book PLUS  over  two hours of bonus materials.

You can order the Audio on its own or add it to your book order for just £9.99.

All the details  are here

Please click on the link, pre-order your copies now (166 days to Christmas) and I know you will love 17 

Be Brilliant!


Let me know in the comments what you hope will be in 17

PS There will only be 999 signed, hardback editions of 17 published on launch. Massive Action = Massive Results.




  1. July 16th 2020 by Elizabeth Chandler

    17 ideas that I can use to improve my life. 17 of your most empowering stories because your stories are life lessons

  2. July 16th 2020 by Debbie Mitchell

    The book will be Brilliant because it was written by Michael, all of Michael’s work is just fabulous. It will be full of positivity, eccentricity and lots of fabulous snippets of useful, easy to read and put into practice ideas – with the emphasis being on action.

  3. July 21st 2020 by Jenny Williams

    Really looking forward to this book coming out – I feel like I got more done in the 17 days of the pop-up group than in the entire first half of the year! You can’t beat the feeling of being super-productive and having loads of fun at the same time.

  4. September 15th 2020 by Steve Kelly

    So looking to reading this book and sharing it with my colleagues, staff and students. The 17 journey has been brilliant.

  5. October 24th 2020 by PHIL O'BRIEN

    Hi Michael. Please can you let me know when you’re planning to do another print run of ’17’. Many thanks. Phil http://www.forthblinds.co.uk

    1. October 29th 2020 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Phil

      I’m hoping we can do this next year.

      There’s a waitlist so you’ll be first to know: Just click here https://aw3d007.aweb.page/17-Paperback

      Be Brilliant!


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