Yesterday was title day in my Write That Book Pop Up and Challenge.

I’ve no idea who Nigel Pinner is but I’d definitely pick that book up to find out.

Along with:

Happy Silver People

The Introvert That Could

A Tractor in The Beer Garden

A great title can make the difference between a good book that becomes a best-seller and a brilliant book that (unfortunately) no one reads.

You might want to go over that sentence again!

Copywriters know this.

Remember: Fresh Cream Cakes – Naughty, But Nice  

Do you know which famous author wrote that when they worked in advertising?

Politicians love using this tactic. Just keep saying the same three words over and over until the voters are indoctrinated.

The sports world uses it, too – ‘Toon Toon Black & White Army!

And what about the last five emails you sent? Are you piquing interest in the subject line?

Subject: All Staff Q3 results and analysis 


Subject: And the winner is… Us! 

Which one would you be most excited to open?

We have over 1,000 people sharing their ideas and supporting each other in Write That Book – including over 500 titles.

I know Write That Book isn’t for everyone, but great titles are.

So I thought I would share a few more of my favourites from this group:

Kiss My Arse – It’s a Rice Pudding 

What OFSTED doesn’t see

Keep Kalma and Carry On 

Stop Dieting – Eat Cake 

I’m certain some these books will be published.

I bet you’d pick up the Rice Pudding one!

Be Brilliant!


PS If you do want to join Write That Book there’s still time to participate in this challenge. We have a one-click method. Just click here and you’ll be instantly enrolled, you’ll join the group and you can read all the headlines! Please leave any comments below.


  1. October 21st 2021 by Jane Roskell

    Michael I’m overwhelmed by now many are in the group. I’m wonder if I will have time to give my time to respond as I wish to so
    Many great comments .How on earth do you cope . Even with my timer and you 17 hints I’m struggling . Am I a wimp ??

  2. October 21st 2021 by Jacqueline

    Brilliant newsletter, certainly gives the ‘kick up the star’ to get the title right… had no idea how much I get drawn into a book just by ready the title!! Great course looking foward to nights chat .. Thankyou Micheal and team

  3. October 21st 2021 by Noel Wincote

    Didn’t someone in lily the pink have sticking out ears and there’s the freckled boy in the mad magazine.

  4. October 21st 2021 by Bonaventura Apicella

    Thanks for your expertise.

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