‘Did they switch it off and on again?’

‘I survived the great Facebook outage of 2021’

And my favourite…

‘Were you affected by having no Instagram for six hours? You could be due compensation’

Yes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and humankind went down for six hours on Monday night. Some people are still trying to recover.

£36 billion was wiped off the value of the company – eek.

2 billion people were affected.

And it looks like it was down to human error.

Imagine if you were the FB employee responsible!

The serious side was it affected banking in Africa, family communications everywhere and millions of businesses who use the platforms.

And some people had to talk to their partners!

Their conversation was most likely, ‘It’s still off’. ‘I know’.

We have faith that things should ‘just work’ and when they don’t we miss the convenience.

Like when there’s a power cut or your water supply is disrupted.

Or when somebody leaves.

Give thanks for what you take for granted (even Insta & Facebook).

Tell someone you appreciate them.

What do you think we have faith will work… until it doesn’t? Please leave your comments below

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  1. October 7th 2021 by Maeve de Burgh

    On the plus side, the scammers were also affected…I got a break from middle-aged engineer, single parents to a 15 year old daughter asking me for money…it was a lovely holiday.

  2. October 7th 2021 by Hannah O'Callaghan

    I love this.
    I went out for a lovely meal on Monday night and only picked up on what had happened when I heard all the tables around us talking about it?!
    For me, it’s definitely my car!
    And my body!

  3. October 7th 2021 by Jeannie Duncanson

    Great post and yes it was a bit of a headache, mainly for business. It did put thibgs into perspective and realise how much we depend upon it. But, it’s a good thing in some was as it makes you realise how there are so many other things in life that are mega important, like reading, conversation, listening to music, calling friends and family etc.

  4. October 7th 2021 by Karl Perry

    What do you think we have faith will work… until it doesn’t?

    Our backs!!!

  5. October 8th 2021 by Anne Beth JORDAN

    That situation did make me take a step back. Wasn’t concerned with the lack of social media, for myself anyway, but having the kitchen redone and no water supply for 2 days, showed up all the obvious difficulties. As well as how dependent we are on our natural resources as well as all the other services interlinked. My need for self sufficiency is growing by the day.

  6. October 11th 2021 by Grace

    I always try and look for the silver linings of situations.
    With the networks being down it meant I started reading a little bit more that evening and relaxed the brain a little more.

  7. October 15th 2021 by Lenise Page

    There’s always something we can choose to do intead of being on the computer using Facebook and other social media. I have plenty to do when there is no internet connection.
    Whats wrong with getting pen and paper out and writing instead of using the computer. Or phoning someone you have not spoken to to for ages?
    Or talking to neighbours?

  8. November 3rd 2021 by TRACY J WHITING

    Yes, we are now all affected by this internet world we live in.
    Even if we dont want to be in it.
    Those that do not have it, are also still affected by its prescence as the head’s of their loved ones turn to the devices and without realising there begins the divorce from reality into their own fake worlds away from their loved as their hands roam, swipe and scroll, niw the devices have their time, lost from their love, when they could be, or should be making memories with those right besides them, who really care and love them and just wait for that little smile ☺, that glint of the eye, to be noticed in a second before they drift back away to the hand holding despair.

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