But everyone likes a plan.

You know that day where you had nothing planned?

And it turned out to be brilliant!

The one where the planets just seemed to line up and everything wonderful that could have happened – did?

That amazing day that you’ve talked about for years?

The one where you had to pinch yourself because 24 hours before, you had nothing planned… but now you know you’ll remember it for the rest of your life?

Do you know why you remember it?

It’s because days like that are so bloody rare!

The truth is, the best days are usually planned.

36% of people describe their wedding day as the best day of their lives – planned.

23% say a trip of a lifetime – planned.

15% a birthday or anniversary- planned.

14% the birth of a child – sometimes planned.

2% their divorce! – hmmmmmm

The brutal fact is, most people love a plan.

Me too. I’m fanatical.

My family give me the raised eyebrows when I tell them, ‘Everything’s planned for our summer holiday’.

But actually they love it.


I’ve booked the beach beds – 3 months in advance.

Reservations are made at the most popular restaurants.

And I know exactly how we’re getting from the airport to our accommodation.

It’s all pre-booked.

I know. Anal eh?

But here’s the thing. In August, when the sun beds are safely ours, the tables are booked and the transportation sorted – I see the blank looks on the faces of the lost folk.

They’ll be pee’d off sweating in the hour long taxi queue, wandering aimlessly round the beach (before putting up with a towel on the sand) and persuading their partner why ‘11.45 pm is a great time for a table for two’.

Yes, everyone loves a plan.

It’s just the planning.

Plan when you don’t need to so it’s easy when you do.

Be Brilliant!


PS  What are your planning tips?  Please share them here.


  1. June 13th 2019 by shirley smith

    started using Trello recently – you can set up checklists and share tasks with different people – colleagues, or even friends or family. And it is easy to see where you are at with everything. Some apps really do make life easier.

  2. June 13th 2019 by Carol Murray

    I use Trello too, I like planning and I like laying on my towel on the sand. Think I’ll go and plan a holiday now!

  3. June 13th 2019 by Mick Jeffs

    I’m still experiencing brain fog post removal of brain tumour and find Google Keep allows me to quickly record ideas and tasks. It’s my replacement memory.

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