It’s called ‘In the Middle’ and you can find it right in the middle of Corbridge, Northumberland.

It’s our friends’ new sandwich, snacks and coffee shop and it opened this week.

Sublime chicken, pesto and mozzarella toastie – but I’m not writing to you about that.

I’m writing to you about Jerry.

I was waiting for the (about to be legendary) toastie; Christine was enjoying a soup …..

When in walked Jerry.

Well when I say walked, it was more of a strut. Not arrogant, just a man who knew what he wanted.

Turned out it was a ham and cheese sandwich, a bottle of water and a bag of crisps.

When he asked for a sandwich, it was immediately obvious that he wasn’t from around these parts.

Of course, I had to ask: ‘Wow, now that’s not a North East accent; where are you from?’

‘Scotland’, he drawled, followed by a hearty laugh.

He wasn’t a Scot. He was an American. Even I could tell that.

In fact, he owned a golf club. A rather nice one where they’ll be hosting the Scottish Open later this year.

We chatted about stuff.  He repeated what must be a well-worn joke about being ‘one of two Americans to build golf courses in Scotland and we’re both crazy’.

He ate his ham and cheese sandwich and left.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking this is a terribly boring newsletter, Michael.

But before you hit the unsubscribe button …

The old me would have been hustling like crazy.  Wanting to get his card. Telling him what we do. Wanting a meeting.

I’m not quite sure when I changed but now I enjoy the moment; the chat … and especially the toastie!

Are you networking and hustling? If so, great.

But every now and then just enjoy the toastie.

Be Brilliant!


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