I’m writing this newsletter in a state of contemplation.

We’re not going to be in the World Cup Final, it’s not coming home and this morning the whole of England feels a little bit _ _ _ _

Obviously, this will be my last mention of the World Cup for some time – normal service will resume next week.

Thank you for those who aren’t English, Football fans (or both) for not hitting the unsubscribe button.

Now here’s something everyone can get involved with.

I thought I’d run a little competition.

Leave a comment below giving the England Team your best piece of advice on how to deal with getting so close, but not close enough.

I’ll send a copy of my book Flip It, how to get the best out of everything to my favourite.

Be Brilliant!



  1. July 12th 2018 by Zohra

    You went from not believing to overbelieving. Next world cup you gonna believe and win it. I congratulate you.

  2. July 12th 2018 by Jeff Stevens

    Use this experience to build on and go back next time stronger. Nothing but positive memories from this word cup. Onwards and upwards.

  3. July 12th 2018 by Michael Vaughan

    A fantastic result form the England team despite not reaching the final.
    Look for one item to improve on next time you play/train and don’t forget to celebrate the achievement

  4. July 12th 2018 by Alice

    Success is not about winning every single match it is about what you are contributing to the most and making the difference you want to make…

  5. July 12th 2018 by Avril Owton MBE

    Be proud of your achievements and move on with hope in your hearts until the next time

  6. July 12th 2018 by Keith Whitnell

    What’s done is done, the rest of your life begins now, this very minute.

  7. July 12th 2018 by Ashley Robinson

    Lets put things in perspective, lets think about those poor Thai boys trapped in the cave. Family and health are more important! However well done boys and chin up we go again in the Euro’s!

  8. July 12th 2018 by David

    With your heads down, looking at the grass. Stop, reflect, that pitch you have played on where you have all put your brilliant passion and belief on display. Look up, look at the fans – they are all so proud of each of you – you have made us all believe in our squad, our national team once again. Revel in it, you are all hero’s, you have inspired young and old. You will be back stronger than ever before.

  9. July 12th 2018 by Peter Lovegrove

    In life things happen some you can control some you can`t, but they happen anyway. Its okay and natural to feel disappointed. Something you can do is, decide right now how long to be disappointed for; 1 day? 2days? etc. proportional to the scale of the situation, then resolve to move on, set your next goal (no pun intended!) and start heading towards it.

  10. July 12th 2018 by Brendan Quinn

    England Team Advice
    Avoid the temptation to deny or distort the feeling of disappointment. It isn’t helpful to say, “It doesn’t matter.”
    You learn more about yourself, when you lose a match, It can still be a win situation.”

    Save the postage, ill be seeing you tomorrow in Nottingham.

  11. July 12th 2018 by Robert Heys

    You know what lads, there’s a simple way of thinking, acting and doing that, once learned, will make sure you get the very best out of everything.

    There’s a book called Flip It by this Michael Heppell bloke, that challenges you to get curious about how you interpret and handle every situation. It liberates you from the beliefs that have been holding you back and gives you powerfully simple ways to switch your thinking and change your actions so that you can get the very best from whatever life sends your way.

    In fact, with the new, revised edition of this bestselling book, you’ll discover how to make sure you never have a ‘bad day’ ever again.

    And there is always Euro 2020 and World Cup 2022…

  12. July 12th 2018 by Diane Goulding

    Read Flip It by Michael Heppell!

  13. July 12th 2018 by Jodie

    Football may not be coming home this time but you should be so proud of your achievements, next time you’ll know what to expect and have the experience to go all the way, well done lads

  14. July 12th 2018 by Philippa Mathewson

    You achieved so much! You worked as a team, you had each other’s backs and you did your very best. Hold your heads up and be proud! A whole country is proud of you and what you achieved!

  15. July 12th 2018 by Dan J

    drink heavily, celebrate getting SO far and then next week, review, reflect and get back to training!

  16. July 12th 2018 by Nicolle Croft

    from Three Lions to Three Phoenix – rise from the proverbial ashes, and remember, success is NOT a destination, but a journey. Be successful in your journey!

  17. July 12th 2018 by Keith Schmechel

    Things not going to plan are natural, learn frim them, look at where you can make improvements then endeavour to make daily advancements towards that goal. Enjoy the journey!

  18. July 12th 2018 by Daniel Marchant

    Use the memory to drive you…. Learn, reflect but stand proud… You brought belief to a nation… You flipped it from being thrown out by Iceland two years ago to standing with giants. Flip the disappointment to pride and remember some might think it’s all over… Well not yet go get em!!!!!

  19. July 12th 2018 by Paul

    Think one thing
    “Did i do my best”
    If the answer is yes then be proud of your achievement.
    If you answered no then how about NOW being the starting point for future success .

  20. July 12th 2018 by EC

    Waiting a little longer for a positive result can make that moment all the sweeter.

  21. July 12th 2018 by elaine

    you all played brilliantly. the opposition turned rogue in the second half and all sportsmanship fell away from them making the rest of the game disappointing. your manager was stellar. i hope no one wants to get rid of this calm, quiet man who went to each player with some words of compassion and then got you all on your feet to see and acknowledge and absorb the cheers of your fans. this must have lifted your spirits. he is worthy of the greatest respect. value him. and value yourselves and your efforts. you lifted the country.

  22. July 12th 2018 by Melanie

    Buddhism says: Enjoy what there is to enjoy, suffer what there is to suffer, neither saints nor sages can escape the sufferings of life. So remember that there is lots to celebrate in how far you got, learn from your experiences and keep on going, there will be more to enjoy along the way.

  23. July 12th 2018 by Steve Bithell

    Not original, but good advice from my old Headmaster Frank Bamforth.
    Failed today? No matter. Come tomorrow. Fail better!
    And they did. I don’t even like football and I’m impressed.

  24. July 12th 2018 by Graeme

    Be proud of what you have achieved and the way you conducted yourself.

    Reflect on what needs to be improved and commit to addressing that gap.

    Focus on 1% improvement everyday – Progression not perfection

  25. July 12th 2018 by Graeme

    Reflect on what you achieved and be proud of the way you all conducted yourselves.

    Analyse the improvement areas and commit to addressing.

    Focus on 1% better everyday – Progression rather than perfection!

  26. July 12th 2018 by PK

    Ditch the noose around your neck – your arrogant fans and commentators (AKA manage your customer expectations). The England Team need to enjoy the experience of playing at this level without the drama of ‘expecting’ to win. The campaign is to plan to take the team to their best but that does not mean you will be the best. Plan and communicate to be ‘your’ best. Under promise and over deliver – it is the complete opposite and has been for far too many years and very very hard to listen to.

  27. July 12th 2018 by John Caffrey

    Progress usually comes in steps, not giant leaps. You finished this World Cup as semi-finalists after going out of the European Championships two years ago at the group stages, that’s progress. You finished ahead of the last World Cups winners, that’s progress. You got the entire country back on side and cheering on your style of play and attitude, that’s progress. All that in two years? Where you go from here is in your hands but I’m betting it’s going to continue to progress and I promise, we’ll be cheering.

  28. July 12th 2018 by alex delbridge

    don’t dwell on the past, learn from the past, and use it as your inspiration to deliver on your future

  29. July 12th 2018 by Jane Ferre

    You can’t build a house without strong foundations. Today we have proved that the foundations are in tact, now we can start to put up the walls and the roof. Then we begin to furnish the house with all the pieces that make it shine. The pièce de résistance will be a place to display the silverware we will acquire during our time together. This will be near the entrance so that we can see it every time we enter the house. Our work is to fill it . . .

  30. July 12th 2018 by Sarah Dodd

    You may not have won the World Cup, but look at the things you did achieve – winning a penalty shoot out and achieving a semi-final place, both things which I’m sure not many in this country would have expected before the competition started. Make sure you take the time to appreciate the feelings of excitement, joy and anticipation you inspired within the country over the last week or two. And once there has been time for the disappointment to lessen, take an honest and objective look back and focus on one thing to work on and improve for the Euros in 2020.

  31. July 12th 2018 by Juliana Roach

    I have seen many (myself included) who know nothing about football sit up and take notice. For that alone you are winners!!!

  32. July 12th 2018 by Stevie Pattison-Dick

    You’ve done brilliantly. Better than the men’s team has done for so many years. You performed well under pressure, and the football was, in places, sublime. Next time, you’ll do even better. You did us proud. Thank you. Hold your heads high as you come home.

  33. July 12th 2018 by Jodie

    Just think, you got to the semi finals.. as much as no one wants to finish there you did amazing and just shows the young generation can smash anything with a bit of hard work… I have never seen the whole nation come together as much as they did and that was all down to you! next time learn from your mistakes and we will TAKE IT HOMEEE

  34. July 12th 2018 by Jane

    Look back on your World Cup performance. List 5 things that you’re most proud of. Now list five things that you want to improve. In training, remember and build on the first list and work on and change the second. Winning comes with hard work. Keep at it!

  35. July 12th 2018 by Eddie Hewitt

    “Shoot for the moon (World Cup trophy), even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

    You are now all stars (household names), and, football HAS come home (the positivity back at home was tangible).

    So, in that respect – Team England DID win!

  36. July 12th 2018 by Nichola Clydesdale

    It doesn’t matter how far you got, what matters is that you brought a nation together, there was a buzz in the air and everyone was united!

  37. July 12th 2018 by Andrea Ince

    You believed in yourselves from the inside out and others believed in you too! Sometimes we don’t get to exactly where we want to be straight away but as long as you learn from the experience, you will be stronger in the future.

  38. July 12th 2018 by Peter

    Continue to be brilliant and consider what you need to do to go all the way next time!

  39. July 12th 2018 by Neil

    Invest 60 seconds of your life in reading the ‘Man in the Arena’ by Theodore Roosevelt. For yourselves and all of us; never, ever give up.

  40. July 12th 2018 by Laura Frost

    Look back to learn and then look forward to your next win. We are proud of your tenacity and attitude!

  41. July 12th 2018 by Ian Pilbeam

    Plan A was to get the quarters, Plan B was to get to the semis, Plan C was to win it, Plan D is always the best Plan, so go make Plan D happen

  42. July 12th 2018 by Peter Williamson

    WD40 – why’s it called that? (at least according to urban legend) – That turned out to be a world conqueror.

  43. July 12th 2018 by Julian Burnell

    Look at how far you came, not how far you didn’t come. Look at what the country’s saying about you. You won. Don’t doubt it.

  44. July 12th 2018 by Paul Brooksbank

    You brought the country together and made believers of all of us, you are all BRILLIANT! Take the positives, learn from the negatives and come back even stronger next time!

  45. July 12th 2018 by Peter Benuska

    Don’t worry, be happy 🙂
    Don’t forget, you are one of the best teams in the World !!!
    To be the best one next time, add to your technical brilliancy a little bit more heart and strongest believe.

  46. July 12th 2018 by Anne Pink

    Be gald that you brought joy to so many people for so many weeks. Its decades since we were able to enjoy a football tournament for so long! The ‘old spirit’ of football has ‘come home’ and you can bring the cup another time! Thankyou

  47. July 12th 2018 by Rosemary E Lunn

    Its called grit. You need to have buckets of the stuff, and a skin of a Rhino if you are going to survive a death of a thousand cuts.

    You have to truly believe you can do, have the right skills base, the right team, and plan. When you do this, you can achieve mission impossible.

    A bunch of international cave divers snatched success from the jaws of failure. You can do the same. And because of them 12 small footballers and their coach are coming home.

    So when it is black and bleak, remember it is not forever. Apply lashings of grit and you will prevail.

  48. July 12th 2018 by Stuart

    Remember, the measure of your journey was not the destination but from where you started.

  49. July 12th 2018 by Christian Lyons

    Lads you did good. In fact you did better than good. You did brilliant.
    On the night an older and more experienced team just managed got the better of you in the second half.
    That said, you boys gave England everything and more on the night and that is all anymore can ask of you. Thank you.

    More importantly you have now proved beyond reasonable doubt that we have slipped through a worm hole and are now living in a parallel universe. The evidence:
    1. The sunshine’s everyday in the British isles.
    2. It doesn’t rain in the British isles.
    3. England win a World Cup penalty shot out.
    3. My Irish mate sympathies with the English squad.

  50. July 12th 2018 by Steven May

    Always score more goals than the opposition

  51. July 12th 2018 by Andy Flett

    Going out in the semi’s is painful. However, use that experience to drive you on to greater things. You proved as a team you were a match for the best, no reason why you can’t go one step further and be the best. You got the whole nation behind you (even a Scot like me!).

  52. July 12th 2018 by Naomi

    Don’t believe the voice that says you could never do it because you lack the talent or energy. Accept failure as an inevitable and valuable part of a learning process, not evidence that you’ve let down yourself or your country

  53. July 12th 2018 by Angie Kay

    Focus on the positive – you took massive action and got further than any other English team since 1966. Now picture yourselves holding up the Cup in 2022 – you’ve got this. Aim for the stars and win gold!

  54. July 12th 2018 by Jessica Ching

    You believed in yourselves and the whole of England believed in you too. That’s what made the difference and got you to the semi final. Next time you’ll go into it knowing you can do it, as will we all and you’ll visualise winning it. That’s when you’ll bring it home. 💪

  55. July 12th 2018 by Sian Evans

    You got people watching football who don’t watch football and people supporting the England Team who don’t support England. That’s two massive wins from where I’m sitting.

  56. July 12th 2018 by Alan

    Be happy at what you have achieved, don’t do what I do and beat yourself up over failure. Reflect, smile and move on stronger than ever!

  57. July 12th 2018 by Coral

    So my football mad 8 year old son comes home from school today, telling me that the kids were all sad today because England lost the World Cup. Okay so I tell him, they lost the match but achieved way more than they could ever have imagined, both on and off the pitch.
    They made us all BELIEVE that if we put our minds to something and focus we can achieve. And guess what, if we don’t make it the first time there’s always the next, as long as you do your best. They won something greater than the World Cup. They inspired us. They got into our hearts and minds more than any other team have ever done and made an England United literally. They make the most exceptional role models for our youngsters learning to play football, playing fair and being respectful and that’s what makes the England team heros.

    So next time I’m watching the kids play football in the freezing cold at their matches and training, I won’t complain because guess what – the next Harry Kane might be right in front of me. You are a true inspiration to the next generation. You can all stand tall and proud, and remember we still believe it’s coming home one day!

  58. July 12th 2018 by Mbuggs

    “Quitters never win but winners never quit”. Use the experience to grow but not to beat yourself. This was one of the best teams ever assembled and they went far (progressed) to prove it. However their best wasn’t good enough and that can only mean one thing, there is always room for improvement. Practice makes permanent so keep at it!

  59. July 12th 2018 by Graham Stewart

    Lads, you outperformed just about every pundit’s expectation.
    You did big and important things both on and off the pitch.
    You have restored our belief as a nation that we can unite & achieve at a time we battle division & doubt.
    Thank you.
    Keep on keeping on.

  60. July 12th 2018 by Toni

    Gain strength in your achievements and wisdom in your experiences, as today you are all winners.

  61. July 12th 2018 by debbie

    You won boy’s yes you did, maybe not the trophy but the respect and admiration of the nation. You played like the hero’ s we wanted to see and united the nation behind you. You made us all proud to be British and we salute you.

  62. July 12th 2018 by Pamela Hanserd

    I feel their demise begin when they went into overtime & became laxed giving up a late goal! In any case, I am now a fan of soccer!

  63. July 12th 2018 by Potego

    To England “we learn more by losing than winning” next time they will come with more skills and most importantly Experience. You may lose a semifinal but never lose Hope.

  64. July 12th 2018 by Lisa Burt

    Hold your heads high, you have brought a nation together and restored our pride. You have worked as a team no individuals hogging the limelight as there has been in past. You have shown us what teamwork, focus and commitment can achieve, your leader Gareth Southgate a true leader and someone other leaders should look to for inspiration. Focus now on growth, development and build on your achievements, move forward to the next challenge know you will be better if you keep going.

  65. July 13th 2018 by Chris Wilson

    You reached for the moon and became stars in the process imagine what you can achieve next time 🤗👍

  66. July 13th 2018 by Aileen Lafferty

    Performed like a team, played like a team. No individual egos. That’s what got you so far in the competition. Your manager is a credit to you and you are a credit to him!

  67. July 13th 2018 by Gary keating

    When you surrender to the result you join the winners and Become one.

  68. July 13th 2018 by Norman Beech

    TTo mis-quote John Candy from Cool Runnings ..’if you are not enough without the World Cup, you will never be enough with it’ … You have proved your worth. Remember what you have achieved, build for the Euros. Bring on 2020! Well done England. You made the nation proud – don’t forget that!

  69. July 13th 2018 by Rachael

    Any team that can get my mum watching football ( she’s never shown any interest in it EVER!)has done something pretty amazing!

    Winning isn’t the be all and end all it’s how you progress from here! It’s not how often you fall that’s important but how many times you get up

    The love for the Englsnd team is strong in the country now!! ❤️❤️❤️

  70. July 14th 2018 by Taylor

    Don’t look backward, you aren’t going that way.

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