I’ve just finished writing my newsletter for this week.

But you won’t see it here.

Just as I completed the final few words, I realised the message was almost exactly the same as last week’s.

Only a rehash.

Even the last sentence was identical.

What’s going on?

Maybe you need a repeat? If so, you’ll see I’ve added it online only here (ironically it’s called ‘Is Perfect Overrated’). Two for the price of one.

Repeated or reaffirmed?

Repetition is the mother of skill, but variety is the spice of life.

There are so many quotes, analogies and mantras we could live by.

Or maybe there’s a better word?

To be successful on social media you have to post every day. Be consistent.

To have amazing customer service you need world class systems. Be consistent.

To be a great leader you have to show unshakeable vision. Be consistent

To have the body you want, you have to balance food, exercise and general health. Be consistent

Maybe I’m not on repeat. I’m being consistent.

Next newsletter 11.45 next Thursday. And there’s an announcement.

Be Brilliant


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  1. September 3rd 2020 by Jeannie Duncanson

    Love it and a great reminder fir us. ….. now, how did you add that box at the end that I am filling in now?!! At least say what the icon on Aweber….Be kind… lol

  2. September 5th 2020 by Margaret Whittaker

    Sometimes we are just in the journey, we do not need to change our method – its okay. Just carry on, the aim is the same the work the same, just working towards the brilliant result,
    hence what appears to be repetitive. is the necessary ongoing action.

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