I was at The Love Supreme Festival last weekend (headliners Grace Jones and Burt Bacharach have a combined age of 156!) and to help us to enjoy the music even more I ordered a couple of beverages from the bar.

2 drinks were £14 – as I handed over £15 I did my hilarious ‘I thought we were in Glynde not Geneva joke’ – which went down as well as usual.

Cue tumbleweed.

Feeling a bit daft, I said ‘Keep the change and put it in the tips’.

‘All our tips go to charity’, she replied with a cheery grin.

‘Oh great, which charity?’ I asked.

‘’Not sure’, came the disappointing reply.

If she’d told me the charity was a local youth jazz project or a fund for music therapy, I would have tipped with every subsequent visit.

It’s not just knowing the what, it’s also the why you’re doing what you’re doing that makes a difference. And being able to articulate this is the icing.

How do you answer this question?

‘Tell me, what do you do?’

‘I work in housing’, could easily be, ‘I’m currently involved with providing quality affordable homes for over 500 families’.

‘I’m part of a further education team’, sounds more exciting than ‘I work in a college’.

And don’t ever use the word ‘only’ as any part of your job description.

Your choice of words define you, so choose yours carefully.

Be Brilliant!




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