I’m forever amazed by how extraordinary people are.

And right now, 90% of the world seem to be proving my theory.

Almost all of our speaking events have been postponed.  Not cancelled, postponed.

The majority are looking for new dates and can’t wait for us train their staff, speak at their events and create exciting programmes.

But where my heart has been lifted the most is in my How To Be Brilliant community.

When I launched the Group just 4 weeks ago, I had no idea how important this team would become.

We now have close to 1,000 members and yesterday, I launched a three-day challenge.

Some of the challenges are big, some small, lots involve helping others, many are focused on learning, a number involve staying at home and several are deeply personal.

It’s truly inspiring to read the posts.

If you’d like to join the group, it’s hosted here on Facebook.

People are amazing.

I’m going to keep writing my newsletter.

I’m still open for business… in fact, if you want to take me on as your personal coach, now could be the perfect time (just reply to this email).

And just think, in years to come when kids study this at school and they ask if you were around during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, you’ll be able to say yes and to tell them about the incredible way you dealt with it.

Be Brilliant!


PS I’d love to know your examples of why people are amazing. Please leave your comments and thoughts below.


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