Would you rather play a minor role in someone else’s story or the major part in your own?

If all the world’s a stage, and this life is your ‘one shot’, what’s it going to be?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play a minor role.

If that should bring you joy and you leave this mortal coil satisfied that you did exactly what you wanted to do… great, go for it.

But if you believe you’re destined for a better role, a bigger part, then what are you waiting for?

You’re not doing yourself, or anyone, a favour by playing small.

What’s the part you were destined to play? Let me know in the comments. 

Lights, action, do it.

Be Brilliant!



  1. August 18th 2022 by Judith (Judy) Brulo

    Maybe, I’d have a go at both!

  2. August 18th 2022 by Mark Ollard

    In principle I agree that one should either follow or forge a career, whichever is preferable. And I’m well aware the successful often say you have to keep on trying, despite the vast numbers of also-rans that life discards for one reason or another. But then, fate is the sum of all decisions and natural forces, so the end result is as much everyone else’s choice as your own.

  3. August 18th 2022 by Annie Watsham

    To bring people together. I thought I was a great writer and marketeer…I am good at both (I need to be for my business!). However, it’s bringing the right people together that does it for me. It comes naturally for which I am so grateful. It’s a joyous thing to be able to do

  4. August 18th 2022 by Martin

    The challenge that I personally face is trying to figure out where to target my one shot. I still find difficulty answering the question “What is my purpose?”.

  5. August 19th 2022 by Mick MingStones

    One life – Live it!
    Read ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate ….. ‘ by Marianne Williamson – it’s inspirational.

  6. August 19th 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    I’m going for the main role. I’m writing memoir and I will be the long suffering heroine of the piece and there are villains, mainly my family 😁

  7. August 19th 2022 by Susan Wilson

    I want to be the lead. I want to tell the world my story, write my memior. I have already written and published one memior were I have the lead, I am now on the sequel.

  8. November 1st 2022 by Eileen Mcclements

    I would like to play a part,I’ve a good sense of humour ,I like a laugh buy I can be very emotional as well

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