Welcome to Week 3

I don’t believe POSITIVE THINKING works.

It’s POSITIVE ACTION that makes the difference.

Think about it. You can do as much positive thinking as you like but unless you take the right actions it won’t make any difference.
And the most powerful action is your words, or more importantly – your choice of words.

Your language, your conversation, both self-talk and external talk, is huge. You are constantly communicating to yourself and to others with our choice of language.

Here’s something to think about.

It’s estimated there are around 1.25 million words in the English language.

It’s amazing that with such a wide choice of words (most) people when asked ‘how they are doing’, have a stimulus-response of ‘Fine’ or ‘Not Bad’.

I want to challenge you to change that!

Your challenge is for the next 30 days whenever you are asked ‘How are you?’ tell them you’re ‘Brilliant’.

The response to this statement is wonderful. You feel better, they feel better, everyone feels better.

If you’ve seen me speak at an event, you’ll have noticed the power of this one word and you’ll also have noticed how quickly you can forget to use positive language unless you’re reminded.

So if you can change that one thing (your response to a question you are asked dozens of times each day) just think about what else you can change with your language?


Take a moment and write down 5 negative words or statements you hear yourself saying on a regular basis.

You know the sort of thing, ‘I’m tired’, ‘This is boring’, ‘They’re a pain’, etc.

Now ask yourself, ‘How can I still express how I am feeling but use different, more empowering language?’

So, ‘I’m tired’ could become, ‘I need some more energy’.

‘This is boring’ can become, ‘I could find this more interesting’


‘They’re a pain’ could be ‘I could like them a lot more’.

Choose your top 5 and then make a true will decision to change them for more empowering language and use it for the next 30 days.

You’ll become more positive, creative and popular for a start and your positive impact will make difference long into the future.

Be Brilliant!

Michael Heppell Sig