In 1999 I created a company vision.

For two reasons:  

1) Everyone was banging on about company visions.

2) I had nothing to lose. My business was stumbling and I was thinking about throwing in the towel.

So, I created a vision to Positively Influence 1,000,000 Lives.

And everything changed. 

I rediscovered why I was going to work. 

My small team became ridiculously focused. 

And my little business turned out to be, dare I say it, brilliant.

Every ‘person influenced’ was counted, we even took 10% off for those ‘who didn’t get it’ and the difference to my business and my life was remarkable.  
Fast forward 18 years and we hit the target. 


When you have a clear vision you leap out of bed.

When you have a clear vision, you find a way.

When you have a clear vision (as cheesy as this sounds) your obstacles become your opportunities.

What’s yours?

There are loads of reasons why you mightn’t have a vision.

Too old, too young, not enough resources, just dealing with the day-to-day, don’t know what I want – I’ve heard them all.

The problem, in most cases, is the majority of people have never been shown how to create a personal vision. A real one, not what they think they ‘should’ have.

And they haven’t been shown how to stick with it when the going gets tough.


Next Tuesday 19th March at 7pm, I’m hosting the first of three one-hour in-depth workshops. It’s called a Vision Stream and I’ll be hosting this especially for TEAM17.  
You may not need my (or anyone’s) help, but If you do; click here to find out what I’ll be covering.

As part of the first session, I’ll share, in detail, exactly what we did to create that vision and how we achieved it. Plus why we almost fell at the first hurdle.

Discover more here. It’s going to be brilliant.

And I’d love to know your current vision and previous vision stories. Please share via the online version of my newsletter below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. March 15th 2024 by Sue Palmer-Jones

    Dear Mr Heppell,
    Thank you for your email.
    I’ve had 2 visions in my life. One was to be a novelist.
    I did that. Had my novels published.
    The other was to create a little quarterly magazine for Dumfries and Galloway, promoting Alternative Medicine.
    I did that. It was called The Green Handbook. Then I retired and stupidly allowed someone else to take it over. He made a pig’s ear of it, of course.
    Still, I did manifest my visions while I was younger.
    Now I am 79 years old and just want to watch tv.
    Best wishes
    Su PalmerJones

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