One of my favourite early 2000s TV shows was 24 

I often joked, if I were to bump into Kiefer Sutherland, the first thing I would do is check my watch.

I’d want to make sure it wasn’t coming up to the hour as something terrible always happened near him!   

I watched every episode and knew the plots intimately. 

But I still enjoyed the recap, ‘Previously on 24’. 

This wasn’t because I didn’t know what had happened.  

It was because I wanted to know what had happened from the producer’s point of view 

They were telling (educating) me, in what was important to remember from the previous episode, to get the most out of this one.  


This works in all types of communication.  

Attempting to converse with someone in French, who doesn’t understand the basics of the language, will be frustrating for both parties.  

My French teacher was determined to prove this theory by repeating louder and louder, ‘Tu es stupide!’ 

Luckily I had no idea what she meant.  


The key to a successful journey is the whole.  

Where you end up – vital.

The route to get there – important.  

Where you start – the key.  


Next week I am sharing a new webinar called See Smile Say Hello.

It’s not for everyone. There’s a start and end point.  


This is a webinar for those: 

Who genuinely care about customer service. 

Are prepared to invest some time, effort and a small amount of money into the process.  

And believe that they can make a difference.  


It’s not for those who:  

Think they’re faultless.  

Don’t currently invest in their personal or professional development. 

Work for a huge organisation (we have something else for them). 

Are in crisis.  


The starting point is for: 

Those who know what good service looks like. 

But they’re frustrated that they are not achieving the results and the rewards that they could with the resource they have.  

For entrepreneurs and those working in smaller fast paced businesses.  

Those who are clearer than ever that they want to be known for brilliant levels of service.  

And know the lifetime value of a customer.  


If this resonates, maybe you should take a look.  

Show me See Smile Say Hello.  

There’s a fantastic early bird offer (it ends this weekend) and a short video to watch. See Smile Say Hello is free for members of TEAM17.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on this message.

Please leave your comments below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. March 16th 2023 by Su Palmer-Jones

    I am retired.

  2. March 16th 2023 by Debbie/ Persephone Lynn

    I loved that show 24 too- such a fab concept! customer service is essential whether you work for yourself, in a small or big organisation. Everyone can work on their own personal development and rapport with customers. If you yourself receive what you perceive to be poor customer service, do you go back to that service/ place again? Nope, I don’t. I work for a GP service- its hard, I also run my own business and am writing a book. I can learn new things every day to improve my communication across all these areas of my life/ work.

    Ps. The French class? My ‘clever’ son for his French GCSE oral exam learnt how to talk about himself- his hobbies, his family, his home. His description of himself that he learnt was that he had blue eyes, blonde hair and a very large……. Yep! Penis! He can still recite that sentence even now at 30!!

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