‘Once I found my real why, exercise was easy.’

Which is the strongest motivator?

Gaining pleasure or avoiding pain?

I have asked this question hundreds of times, usually followed by the concept that you’ll do more to avoid pain…

in the short-term.

A member of TEAM17 recently posted that she thought she wanted to exercise to drop a clothes size.

Then she discovered her real why.

It was actually to play hockey!

Now it’s exciting to exercise.

Getting into shape is fun.

She wants to rather than has to.

Yes, use pain avoidance to get started but this is harder to maintain in the long-term.

You can push others to do something and they may comply – in the short-term.

But being a magnet is better. Attracting is better than pushing.

What do you do to stay focused on your goals?

I’d love to know. You can comment below.

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Keep pulling.

Be Brilliant!



  1. August 12th 2021 by Avril Owton

    I exercise to help me to live longer so I can see my grandchildren grow up. I’m 80 next year.

  2. August 12th 2021 by David Charles Palmer

    I love riding my bike, particularly and preferably with the friends who introduced me to it. But I HATE getting ready…….

  3. August 16th 2021 by Karen McCann

    I look at my family. I was so worried about telling them I’m finally writing my book but they were so excited, more than me in a way. I’m finally doing it for all of us. And of course there’s the tour around Italy I’ve promised myself when the book is actually in print. That motivates me!!

  4. October 4th 2021 by Lenise

    Getting into the correct minset makes anything I do easier, and quicker, to do.
    Right now, I want to lose weight and get more toned. (Don’t laugh)
    I also want to get my books published soon.

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