It’s the opposite of what you’ve been taught. But you know how I like to Flip It!

He are some times when putting less in really can help you to get more out.

Less negativity in = More positivity out

Less criticism = More room for praise

Less complaining = More time for complementing

Less worry = Finding more confidence

Less moaning = More smiling

Less focusing on self = More focusing on others

Less pointing out bad drivers = More keeping your own eyes on the road

Less doubt = Must give more certainty

Less believing your own BS story = More time to reflect on what’s true

Less time watching TV = More reading

Less over-analysing = More accepting

Less calories in = More leanness out

You must have ideas of where putting less in means you can take more out.  Please share yours below and I’ll send a copy of my Sunday Times Number One Best Seller Flip It How to get the best out of everything to my favourite.

Be Brilliant


PS if you really want to embrace some positivity then take a look at what’s happening on my How to Be Brilliant Facebook group right now. It really is the beacon of positivity.


  1. April 29th 2021 by Ryan Marsh

    Les Dawson = More Laughter

  2. April 29th 2021 by Derek Crysell

    Less rushing around
    More time to observe and meet new people.

    Less worrying about the past.
    More time to plan your future

    Less smoking
    More money to buy someone flowers.

  3. April 29th 2021 by William

    Love the concept, but… Less complaining, more complimenting 😉.

  4. April 29th 2021 by Eva Hnizdo

    Less talking about writing a book More writing it.
    That can be modified for many activities
    Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.

  5. April 29th 2021 by Eleanor Baggaley

    Less judgement … more acceptance

  6. April 29th 2021 by Richard Bailey

    Less thought = more peace of mind

  7. April 29th 2021 by Caroline Christer

    Less procrastination = more productivity

  8. April 29th 2021 by Scott King

    Less Hate = More Love
    Less COVID = More Hugs

  9. April 29th 2021 by Heather

    Less comparing yourself to others, more feel-good factor!

  10. April 29th 2021 by Dave Barker

    Less liquids in late in the evening = more uninterrupted sleep (or is it an age thing!)

  11. April 29th 2021 by Gemma

    Less reactive busywork- more proactive productivity

    And its cousin: less external stimulation- more internal growth

  12. April 29th 2021 by Gayle Hubble

    I tell you what Michael, putting less time into Christmas cards at Christmas time and more time into a good wishes card at Easter instead, seems to have worked well! This year, it appears to have hit the nail on the head after having a winter lockdown, where perhaps people have been more down. I have received such lovely messages, all different, where people have shown such gratitude. When recipients have told me it’s cheered them up / made their day receiving my card/gift – it’s made my day too.

    Also, by sending a short email message, along with one of my children’s designs at Christmas, it prompted more reply conversations with people, which was nice.

    Christmas time can be a busy time of year as well and I have really enjoyed making the cards/gifts, because I’ve got more free time at this time of year.

  13. April 29th 2021 by Karen

    Less second-guessing… more honesty
    Less comparing…more individuality
    Less bad news…more good news please!

  14. April 29th 2021 by Jean Bennett

    And you were doing so well until the last one – surely fewer calories (because unfortunately you can count them), not less.
    Less ‘nanny fladging’ – more time to swim (open water obviously! Double whammy, exercise and relaxing)

  15. April 29th 2021 by Katy Greig

    Less impulse spending on Amazon = more money for planned fun!

  16. April 29th 2021 by Michelle Vincent

    Less Excuses=More Results!

  17. May 1st 2021 by Jess

    Less distractions, more focused productivity!

  18. May 11th 2021 by Helen Beswick

    Less time thinking; more time doing.

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