Imagine a world where cars don’t just drive themselves, but also chat with each other.

This isn’t a sci-fi scenario, it’s the imminent future of self-driving technology.

These vernacular vehicles promise to revolutionise our roads by optimising routes, scheduling travel times, easing traffic and elevating safety.  
It’s a thrilling (and yes, a bit scary) prospect!


Less scary are… bees.  

A single bee has a measly million cerebral neurons. Not the cleverest chap and a rubbish pet.

But consider a whole bee colony – it’s a super organism with a staggering hundred billion neurons, functioning with incredible coordination, knowledge-sharing and a hardwired instinct to collaborate.


Then there’s you.

The average person reading this message has 86 billion neurons. 🧠

And let’s face it – you’re above average. Right? 😉

Imagine if just you and just one or two others teamed up.

What honey could you make? 

Your own mini hive. 

The hive mentality works because of a key feature. Sharing.


When you share EVERYONE becomes better.

The sharer and the receiver.  

The teacher and the student.

Take Christmas. The best bit of presents is not just the receiving, but MOST OFTEN the giving of gifts.

What are you doing to create a hive mentality? 

I’d love to know. Please SHARE your ideas below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. January 11th 2024 by Wayne Norcliffe

    Michael, as you know I created Karmacise to create a global community to provide each other with support on our shared journey.

    The system is simple, based on a colour code which is easily recognisable and can be used to track actions. The name itself has meaning, Karma = the actions we take and cise = exercise. So Karmacise can accurately be described as “exercise for the soul/spirit/mind/etc…” My book and 24 week course, along with website and various videos/blogs explain all this in more detail. Thanks for letting me share this with your readers too. Namaste

  2. January 11th 2024 by Karl Perry

    As the Pet Shop Boys famously said:

    You’ve got the brawn,
    I’ve got the brains,
    Let’s make lots of honey…!

  3. January 12th 2024 by Matthew Chandaengerwa

    What a fantastic challenge to all of us Michael!!
    I have been chairman of a library trust trust trying to encourage a reading culture among less privileged societies in the rural areas in Zimbabwe by establishing libraries in schools. Its been a real slog but we have hung in there for the past 11 years. The Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust collects books from all over the world, helps communities put up libraries at their local schools and provide training for librarians.
    We aim to achieve more!

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