I’m always learning. 

I subscribe to dozens of newsletters and blogs and I’m pretty good at reading… but not always at applying. 

However, there is one blog that really stands out – Seth’s Blog.  

I find myself in awe. Not just because of his wisdom but also his daily ability to make me think. 

In the last week alone he has:

Flipped my conventional wisdom about explaining origins. 

Made me think harder by concentrating on his phrase, ‘Empathy is at the heart of design’. 

Explained the ‘sixth layer’ and what this brings. 

And challenged breakfast!

Last year I received a message from Seth. I was like a kid at Christmas. 

This year, on April 29th. I’m watching him live… and having my mind blown.  

He’s one of 16 speakers presenting over two days at the Business Excellence Forum

I love this event. I’ve presented there twice and hosted it, too.  

This year’s speakers include: Lord Sugar, Paul McKenna, Marcus Buckingham, Penny Haslam, Jeffrey Gitomer and a bunch of others.  

The host is some guy called Stephen Mulhern (say what you see). Never heard of him 😉  

They’re the bonus balls. I’ve bought my ticket for Seth.  

Check it out. Check him out. I’ll see you there.  

Be Brilliant! 


PS If you book a place, please make sure you say Michael Heppell sent you when asked who invited you to the event. I’d love to get in touch after to see what you thought. 

PPS If you’re quick, you can see a clip here on the promo of me hosting the 2019 event.


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