Happy New Year!

I received an invitation to purchase the world’s greatest knife sharpener with a rather splendid tagline.

Everyone wants sharp knives.

No one wants to sharpen them.

Until now.

I was intrigued and sure enough a very cool knife sharpener was on offer. For £250!

I hardly use knives, but I still wanted one. I almost bought it for Christine until I remembered the golden rule: Never buy your wife a gift for the kitchen or anything that has a plug attached to it.

The slogan is great. Yes, we do want sharp knives. And no, we can’t be faffed to sharpen them. Fill that gap and you’re on a winner.


It’s like personal development. You want to be better. But can you be bothered to do what’s needed?

After all, it’s normally a stretch. You must read, learn, train your brain and take action. But…

And this is a big but.

But it’s hard.

How often does something genuinely life-changing rest on the other side of a bit of pain

It’s the battle that brings reward.

The work that makes it worthwhile.

Overcoming resistance that produces results.


My solution?

Cheat. Or at least make it easier for yourself.

Just as Clubbercise is more appealing than going for a run and Gusto is easier than planning a healthy meal – a good audiobook is easier than reading and a coach can help to keep you accountable.

Learning from others and using their experience as shortcuts should be celebrated not berated.

Knowing that even the worst personal development books will teach you something, just think what the best ones can do 😉.

It’s not cheating when it’s making you better.

Sharpen your knife life.

How can you sharpen your life? I’d love to know below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. January 4th 2024 by jane parsons

    please please Michael don’t spend £250 on a knife sharpener. is that really right? £250? buy a good steel and learn the immense skill of using it properly. you will never have sharper knives in your life. Happy new year – let’s hope we cut through it with gusto!

  2. January 5th 2024 by Clare Foreman

    Dear Michael,

    Happy New Year. I hope you’re keeping well.

    This is my favourite of all the emails you’ve sent. Just wanted to share that!

    My knives are always bloody blunt. 😂

    Best wishes,

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