When the warning light flashes, the alarm pings and the message reads ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ your heart drops.

The idea of struggling by the roadside, lugging wheels and fixing the fault doesn’t fill me with joy.

But then…

Nothing changes.

There’s only been a tiny pressure drop, in just one tyre and with a puff of compressed air, it’s fixed.

Three weeks later – it happens again.

This time I take a quicker look, reset the warning and drive on.

Two weeks later – ping.

Didn’t even look, just hit ‘Reset’.

Make a mental note – get the tyre checked.

One week later, ping, ping, ping. I’m scanning every tyre looking for a rogue screw, nail or anything that shouldn’t be there.

Eventually, I get it checked by a professional who finds a tiny 6mm tack. To give you an idea of how tiny that it is – here’s a pic next to the type of nail I thought I was searching for.

At this point, as much as you may thank me for my motoring advice, you’ve read this far for insight and motivation.

This is the problem.

If I’d had a full-on flat. It would be a MUST to fix it.

Slow punctures are a SHOULD.

What’s happening in your life that you SHOULD fix, but you’re putting off?

The relationship which has lost its sparkle?

A business that’s slowly dying, but the changes needed are on the too hard list.

The tidy-up that can be brushed aside.

A health warning – that isn’t too serious… yet.

Like a slow puncture, you can get by for a while. But sooner or later it will become a must.

Prevention is better than cure.

Forewarned is forearmed.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Avoidance is wiser than correction.

Take precautions or deal with consequences.

Protect before you regret.

Invest in prevention – save on recovery.

Safe first, mend later.

There are dozens of snappy statements like this.

The question is, what are you putting off, as it’s happening slowly?

Make the fix a MUST. Do it now!

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. June 1st 2023 by Jane Parsons

    Not everything needs fixing. Some things feel like a slow puncture but are actually just a natural adjustment. Time is a great fixer. Wisdom is knowing the difference between something which needs fixing, and something which needs to be left alone to mend naturally.

  2. June 1st 2023 by Gillian Westlake

    The word Should is my least favourite word I try hard not to use it …… it doesn’t mean anything “Just Do It “ 😂

  3. June 1st 2023 by Nick Hudson

    That ‘check tyre pressure’ is a constant reality reminder for me.
    It also seems to be happening in my car for real these days at increasingly regular intervals.
    If I look in the mirror in our living room the ‘health warning’ flashes up as well.
    I am guilty of the ‘should have, could have, would have’ thought process where procrastination truly has become my thief of time.
    The time for ‘must’ must be upon me or I face being robbed of what I desire to achieve … happiness, a fulfilling life and leaving a mark on this wonderful world we have been born into.
    Thank you Michael Heppell for reminding me to gauge where I am as of today.

  4. June 1st 2023 by Den Stapleton

    Solid tyres!

  5. June 2nd 2023 by Anne

    Well just goes to show how I can miss life’s little lessons. Last week I had a very similar tyre experience, a new tyre due to a tiny nail. At the time I was just pleased to get the problem sorted, a new tyre. Now I see it was so much more than a tyre change. Maybe it was a call for me to stop rushing about and remember the importance of self care. thanks Michael

  6. June 2nd 2023 by Jude Hanlon

    Speaking to the literal anecdote rather than the fable, I’ve recently discovered the joy of tyre repair over tyre replacement – instead of taking a slow puncture to the nationwide allegedly fast fitting place where they have *always* in the past replaced tyres for a puncture, in my new home in Ireland I’ve been able to get my 3-so-far slow punctures *repaired* at 1/10th of the cost.
    I’m sure there’s a “your potentially serious problem might not be that big if you get help from the right person” message hidden in there somewhere 😀

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