The best business minds… are not on LinkedIn.

The best video makers… are not on TikTok.

The best socialisers… are not on Facebook.

And brace yourself.

The best photographers are not on Snapchat.

And no one is on Threads 😂


Time to stop beating yourself up if your Instagram following isn’t flourishing or your YouTube channel isn’t getting more views than BBC1.

Although it’s probably smashing GB News 😅.


I’m feeling mischievous today.

And sometimes when I’m naughty I just have to vent what’s going on in the thought forge 🧠.

And today my thinking is: Social media is never something you’ll win.

When you see a post and someone claims, ‘That just won the internet’.

It didn’t.

It captured the narrowest of attentions for the fleetest of moments.


Sure, if it was your post, the dopamine spiked.

Then crashed.


Is the solution the continuous quest for more?

That treadmill won’t end.

Instead, focus on what you have.

It’s wonderful.

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Be Brilliant!



  1. February 1st 2024 by Rena

    Very wise words!

  2. February 1st 2024 by Wongy

    It speaks volume when one of the creators of one of the largest platforms is asking for us to destroy it before it destroys the world. It influences too much and strips the core skills needed to resolve conflict. We will need support groups for additcion similar to alchohol and drugs soon.

  3. February 1st 2024 by Tina Blake

    I love this Michael. Many small businesses and most solo consultants are not looking for thousands of clients buying one product on line or signing up to an e-course and for them word of mouth and personal face to face is still more powerful. Call me old fashioned 🤣

  4. February 1st 2024 by Elaine Good

    This is a great reminder that social media is not the only way to communicate. Nothing beats a face to face converstaion, a friendly smile and a warm handshake.

  5. February 1st 2024 by Steve Twynham

    So true Michael.
    So many get so excited with a fleeting like or about the number of impressions they see about a post.
    Or worry if they don’t.
    There is so much more to life. Make the time to enjoy it.
    Off for a walk in the woods now.
    Enjoy an amazing day.

  6. February 1st 2024 by Dympna Sanders

    Hi Michael

    I’m aiming for people to like, trust and eventually buy from me. Starting small and got my first video out this week, which took ages and was WAY outside my comfort zone. You make it look so easy.

    Hoping that writing a book will increase my credibility.


  7. February 1st 2024 by John

    I do not recall who said it but with social media we are not the customer, we are the product. This really struck home with me: I walked away from social media. It’s sometimes an issue when I want to be part of a thing but that thing needs me to join a Facebook group. So I create a facebook account but then get excluded as my account does not look real. That’s because it’s not. I am not being a good little’product’.

  8. February 1st 2024 by Nicki Mole

    Hi Michael, totally agree. Was great seeing you at Master your mind last week 🙂

  9. February 1st 2024 by Koulla

    luv this 🥰 takes away the pressure and makes you realise it’s true.. you can’t read everything, you can’t watch everything, you can’t scroll your life away!

  10. February 1st 2024 by Sue Salmon

    I love this idea, it reminds us to be happy with what we’ve got and focus on that. Every addition is a bonus!

  11. February 1st 2024 by Jeff Stevenson

    Love this , so true .

  12. February 1st 2024 by michael swinson

    Social media was meant to bring us together, to connect but do often it is misused by some who post lies, insults or defamation or worse still threats safe they believe as they can post remotely with little or no consequences

    I do use social media but post less and less, misunderstandings are too easy (there is no nuance function on a keyboard) and it was adding nothing to my life and to those I care for

  13. February 1st 2024 by Debbie Buxton

    I never used social media until I did Write That Book. With your encouragement, Michael, I opened several accounts and, initially, had no idea what to post, but I’ve stuck with it and gained a bit more confidence. I play with it to try and get a feel for what people like, but I realise it’s limited by algorithms and the like, so I don’t put too much store by it. I like to have fun with things, and I’m learning there is great fun to be had with social media and it’s a great practise ground for blogging / newsletters etc; but keep it in it’s place!

  14. February 1st 2024 by Jane Hogan

    I don’t hate social media but I don’t love it and I appreciate the permission to do less of it. The main thing to avoid I think is huddling together with a bunch of like-minded people you have an affinity with, and thereby developing greater intolerance for all the ones you don’t get as easily. I don’t think that’s very helpful.
    As for the ‘winning’ Grayson Perry calls it ‘low grade love’ because it’s never ever enough (because it’s not real). I think he’s a very smart man and I like following what he says. And this Michael Heppell guy, he’s worth a click.
    Love that you’re having a feisty day 🙂

  15. February 1st 2024 by Paul

    Beautifully put 👍

  16. February 1st 2024 by Karen

    So true and well put Michael.

  17. February 1st 2024 by Verity Smith

    This hit the spot for me. I’m not a Social Media fan either personally or for business; but I understand it has a place and is probably a necessary evil (for me!). But we don’t need to become slaves to any of these tools. Each tool provides a two way communication channel, and I find I get distracted by the endless pings, which each proclaim “I’m a priority!” I’m pretty sure that I am much less efficient now that all these tools exist!

  18. February 1st 2024 by Vanessa Holmes

    Well said.

  19. February 1st 2024 by Maeve de Burgh

    That is a brilliant observation Michael and one people need to take note of. Thank you

  20. February 1st 2024 by Gin Lalli

    Great message and well said! Chasing the likes and comments is just a fleeting moment and not sustainable. Lets all look for more meaningful connections

  21. February 1st 2024 by George Henderson

    Well, well, well. Mr. Heppell is fired up today. You had me at ‘And sometimes when I’m naughty I just have to vent what’s going on in the thought forge 🧠.’ and ‘like and share’ although I’d add even BEFORE you buy the book, ‘leave a review on Amazon.’ I honestly don’t know many people that obtained new business from likes and shares. It helps with the social platform algorithm metrics to possibly get you to a Top Fan status, or something of the sort. This unfortunately will continue, until an influencer, like you, proposes something new, different, and relevant that will truly help people in the business realm through social impact…IMHO!

  22. February 1st 2024 by Debbie Lynn

    I use social media a LOT, but I have no illusions that social media is always in control, not me! To truly ‘succeed’ you would need to be ‘doing’ social media as a full time ‘job’, and I don’t doubt there will be future degree and Master courses in social media algorithms. So just use it for whatever you enjoy, scroll past what you don’t, block the unpleasant folk and remember to look up from your phone as there is a whole world outside of that screen!

  23. February 1st 2024 by Adrienne

    Learning to be more authentic is key, in my book!
    Ask yourself does constantly trying to have a top post on whichever platform empower you or end up making you feel deflated and useless?

    Don’t be a sheep 🐏🐑

  24. February 1st 2024 by Christopher Andrew Norburn

    Totally agree with this Michael – social media has made brand and marketing a lazy vehicle to make people think they are being proactive. Great posts and messages are liked or commented on for a second but very rarely gets any positive follow up activity. Too many people chase followers and connections most of which have no interest in your product or service – they just want to sell you theirs – that’s not collaboration! Direct approach is the way – sell yourself first then the service/product.

  25. February 1st 2024 by monica porter

    Phew! What a relief! I find S M a complete pain and waste of my energy for little reward.

  26. February 1st 2024 by Belinda Smith

    Very true – we can waste a lot of life on social media so there needs to be a balance!

  27. February 1st 2024 by Sue Trusler

    Totally agree, Social media has its place, but nothing is greater than good old fashioned human interaction. People are great communicators and social media is just one of many ways to do so. All have their own positive and negative attributes.

  28. February 1st 2024 by Pam Gallimore

    Totally agree, I think as adults we can take a step back and understand how fleeting the world of social media, but I worry how our young people are being affected.

  29. February 2nd 2024 by Lesley

    Thanks Michael, a reminder that I don’t need the false reassurance of people (bots?) liking me on SM!

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