I’ve been travelling recently – for work and fun.

Which also means I hadn’t seen the bathroom scales in a while.

Oh no.

Isn’t it amazing what you’ll justify eating and drinking because you’re not at home?


Back to the scales.


I stepped on.

Breathed in.

(Why the heck would that make a difference) 😆

Waited for the measure…

and clocked the number.

Not the best news.


So what to do?

I got off

Waited until the scales reset. And…

…got back on!

But this time I stood in a slightly different position.


I’d lost 0.2 kilos!


Forget what I’d put on.

A slight shuffle, a recount and…

Ta-dah! 200 grams lost in 30 seconds.

Am I the only person who does this?

Of course, the real measure is how I feel. And trousers.


Sometimes you’ll try to change the circumstance by changing the measure.

☝️Read that again☝️


That’s an interesting anomaly.

I know to get back on track I have to do the work.

You too.

Whether it’s health, relationships, work, fun, experiences…

The measure is there to do the check. Not to do the work.

I’d love to know your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. June 8th 2023 by Diane

    Love it! ❤ So true- you can’t measure what you don’t track. Reset and way hay off we go again!

  2. June 8th 2023 by Janet Ratcliffe

    You are most definitely not alone, I think we all do it! I even hang my heels off the end of the scales and even though I know it doesn’t make a scrap of difference, it makes me feel better!

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