A few weeks ago, when we went into lockdown, most of the advice was to ‘create a routine’.

Six weeks on and isn’t it just starting to be boring?

I’ve got some new advice. Stop The Routine!

Mix it up. Break it up.

If you’ve been going fast, go slow.

If you’ve been chilling out, do something serious.

If you’ve been going slow, go fast.

If you’ve been serious, chill out.

Have a day off.

On Tuesday I was coaching someone who said that since lockdown, on a Saturday night, they get together with their friends and do a pub quiz. For the first few weeks this was great but then it started to become routine.

So, this Saturday night they’re having a Tik Tok dance competition. The parents have to put together a dance routine, post it on Tik Tok and their kids are going to vote on which one they think is best!

He’s terrified but it’s really taking his mind off the monotony of working from home and being locked down.

So here’s your challenge – what idea can you share to break the routine?

Leave your comments below or here on my Facebook Group and I won’t send a book to our favourite…

Instead, I’ll break my routine and share something crazy and unique with the person who posts the best idea to break the routine.

Be Brilliant


PS I know I talk about our How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group a lot, but that’s because it is… brilliant.  In the last week we’ve had two LIVE sessions, shared amazing ‘move well’ ideas, had a Talk TED review of a Malcolm Gladwell talk. We’ve had a Trade on Tuesday event where people sold and promoted their businesses on line, Thoughtful Thursday, daily interaction and the completion of a Hi to 5 Challenge.

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  1. April 30th 2020 by Andree

    I’ve been chilling this week. My 90 year old mum is home alone and I don’t live too far away from her to do shopping. Usually I visit her garden and talk through the window. However as the weather has not been too good we have been talking up to 3 times a day on the phone about TV programmes she’s watched or how the rest if the family are getting on. She used to love The Golden girls when it was on years ago. Guess what it’s now everyday at 12.45 on channel 5. YES all 120 episodes. So being a golden girl herself she really looks forward to it and we talk about the fashions she used to wear that we’re similar to the Golden girls. I must admit I’ve been enjoying it myself and an excuse to have a coffee at same time. Anyone else enjoying old TV programmes they haven’t watched for years? 🙂

  2. April 30th 2020 by Ashley Wade

    As described in your post have found my routine which has worked very well structuring time between work, study, exercise (well, walking to places I never know existed within 5 miles of where I have lived for 7 years!) and home schooling has hit a bit of a wall……so today when wife told me that my oldest daughter (7) can’t now earn her Beavers badge for camping as event cancelled I got into the loft and dug out a 2 man tent I purchased several years ago as a team build/ice breaker prop, have caused chaos with said daughter and two younger siblings by constructing the tent in bedroom which only fits when taken several items of furniture out and have joined all three daughters in moving their bed time toys, duvets, pillows and books into the tent ready for what will no doubt turn into a long afternoon and night of noise chaos and a few mini-sister fights along the way. Whilst I won’t get done what I intended to this morning, being able to stop and do things like this as a family is a luxury I am sure I will only look back on as an otherwise missed opportunity once the world returns or more likely evolves into a new ‘normal’.

  3. April 30th 2020 by Mike Rainey

    We have started running a weekly family quiz using Zoom. Family members from all round the country are involved. Zoom meant nothing to me beforehand and I still don’t know how to work with it but fortunately my wife does! It works well and we all enjoy it.

  4. April 30th 2020 by Sol Moraes

    How to be brilliant to your love during the quarentena?
    Women miss to feel beautiful.
    My partner is looking after me, of course with my directions.
    I asked him to cut my hair, colour my hair and next I will ask him to do my wax. 
    He doesn’t know yet but for sure it will stop his routine! And he will realise how difficult is to keep beautiful.

  5. May 4th 2020 by Tosh Crompton

    We have been catching up with friends over Zoom since lockdown began which has now moved on slightly to a quiz night and we have arranged a cocktail and canape’s evening this weekend, each couple chooses a cocktail to make we send the ingredients for us all to make and we choose the best one!

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