I believe there are four sets which are essential to personal success:





is the foundation – I would say that I’m a motivational speaker. But it is. I know plenty of people who have incredible opportunities and maybe even the other sets but without the right mindset it’s difficult to move forward.

Even with a brilliant mindset everything is easier with the right…

Toolset – your resources. And we’ve never lived in a more abundant time for resources. Everything you need is available either instantly or within 24 hours. But having the tools and not knowing how to use them is as good as not having the tools.

That’s why you need a…

Skillset. Knowing how to use the toolset with the right mindset. Some skills take 10,000 hours others just need an attitude shift. If being a professional speaker is a skillset you want to master, you’ll need many hours of stage time with a wide range of audiences. If being kind is a skill you can start and be wonderfully successful now.

And the final, magic, ingredient…

Peopleset (your set of people). Finding, bonding and positively developing symbiotic (love that word) relationships with those who will help you, is the accelerator. You’ll get what you want, find what you require and go where you need much faster with the right people around you.

Which is the most important? What have I missed? Which set do you need more of? Let me know in the comments.


  1. April 4th 2024 by Robert Heys

    Last one, in case it all goes wrong and you have to get rid of the body, a few bags of quickset…


  2. April 4th 2024 by Susan Martin

    Get set. Followed by go!

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