What is the best? 


Best before is a guide rather than instruction – agree? 


I can remember my best gig, but I don’t know if the band thought it was theirs.  


The best book I’ve ever read… changes. 


Best x in y is a big claim.  That doesn’t stop many businesses from declaring it.  


Was George Best really the best footballer?


When you Google ‘The Best’ the top result is the Tina Turner classic. You should avoid playing this at a conference at all costs. 


The smaller the niche the easier it is to be best.  


The best team I was ever a part of were all (100% of us) totally committed to achieving the same vision.  


The ‘best-kept secret’ usually means not very good at marketing 


Best business – but shut; is not something you want on your epitaph. 


The best food is… local (this has changed over the years). 

Best ideas come when you work at them. Don’t rely on inspiration – it’s overrated and undereffective.  


The best book ever has still to be written. 


Is the best of the best an idiom?  


My best friend knows exactly who they are. 


The best diet is to eat less and take more exercise.  


The 80s was the best decade. 


Best wrap this up. But first, I’d love to know your ‘bests’.


Please leave your comments below.


There’s a copy of my Sunday Times No.1 Best-Selling Book (best brag) Flip It – how to get the best out of everything for the best comment.  


Be Brilliant! 



  1. June 9th 2022 by philip Mahoney-Berg

    “I want to travel to the museum this Sunday.”

    “It’s best to get a train from XY station and then walk to the museum.”

    Well – XY station is closed at weekends and the museum closed for good last week anyway!

  2. June 9th 2022 by Karl Perry

    That really fantastical amazing thing that, for some reason, didn’t exist before sliced bread.

  3. June 9th 2022 by Chris Potter

    I suspect, as with me personally, that most of us can refer to our ‘best’ of something. Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn could be the best gig I have been to, it was certainly life changing, or was it Eagles, or Kylie’s Showgirl just before she cancelled them all due to breast cancer? The birth of my children; best days ever, or of my grandson? My first parachute jump, my visit to NZ, living in Oz over 30 years ago, my first wedding, cub & scout camps, close friends who have come & gone, playing rugby for the 2nds against the then top team in the league (and scoring a blinding try), and on we go! But maybe, and this is just a thought, maybe the ‘best’ is still to come!

  4. June 9th 2022 by Susan Salmon

    My youth days were the best days of my life

  5. June 9th 2022 by Becky Davies

    Best life experience walking Brooklyn bridge,best goal,getting through cancer treatment, best advice,move on,best achievement writing my book.

  6. June 9th 2022 by Alison

    I’ve followed Michael for many years, read most of his books and spent many a happy lock down hour watching him, but this line:

    “I can remember my best gig, but I don’t know if the band thought it was theirs.”

    genuinely had me questioning if he was the front man of a band and I had somehow missed it! 😂 To be fair, that is a gig I would love to see!

  7. June 9th 2022 by Ross Craig

    Best stop procrastinating and start writing that book, I have had the Idea in my head for the last 2 years! (Only kidding, I really don’t want to write a book) I do love reading them though, and they do improve my thinking and therefore my actions. I have to admit I have them all over the home, as I tend to have three or more on the go at any one time. I would love a copy of your best seller “Flip it- How to get the best out of everything” having already listened to it on Audible I can highly recommend it. I also listened to “How to be Brilliant for Networkers’ so if I do win the book, I best use it to help educate on of the team and give some great ideas on how to get the best out of everything. I will gift it to one of our brilliant network stars. Thanks for the thought provoking post, you are simply the best!! (Cringe) 😅

  8. June 9th 2022 by Carolyne Atkins

    When your a child your parents are the best
    When you first fall in love they are the best
    When you get married they are the best
    When you have children they are the best
    When you have grandchildren they are the best
    And then your 90 and you realise that all those bests are better as memories
    The bests were best but not at the time
    All I can hope for now is the best funeral
    But I wont be there to enjoy it
    So everyday enjoy what is your best

  9. June 9th 2022 by Linda Nightingale

    I’ve been blessed to have had many ‘bests’ – apparently I was so ecstatic after the birth of my first daughter that some people were worried about me & my mental health!! ….But that ‘best’ never diminished the excitement on the birth of my second daughter almost 9 years later.

    There were so many ‘bests’ as our daughters grew up but none of them diminished those before them.

    Secretly hiring a limo & taking both my girls & their friends to see Robbie at Knebworth when Keri was 21 was an enormous ‘best’ but not just for the thrill of the concert! Drs had warned us years before to anticipate Keri may well not live beyond her teens; so the thrill all round was just unexplainable. Certainly a best moment but each time’s she’s come round after heart surgery that’s been a ‘best’ too! And these don’t override or diminish the feeling when her sister graduated from Uni .

    Professionally, becoming No 1 Sales person in the UK in 1995 inthe International business I worked in & ‘ironically’ Michael having ‘that’ Tina Turner song played for me on stage with an enormous audience present was a ‘best’ moment but then there’s been more and more bests as the years have gone by and there will be!

    Being asked to feature in a couple of BBC features put out on our local news were each a best at the time – alongside the mixture of embarrassment & pride that happened when local people realised it was me! Was that topped when I got a sudden phone call to go on Jeremy Vine’s show that afternoon – as the BBC have me down as a Happiness ‘expert’ – never my description. I don’t know really, it was exciting & scary at the same time & my husband had only passed away 6 weeks before but it felt pretty good! There’s also been downs but that’s life & I believe each day is a best & has a ‘best’, we just have to see or feel it.

    Gratitude is an enormous part of my life; so each night I think of 3 things that have made me smile and feel happy that day, some days there’s a very long list way beyond the 3, while other days the fact that I’m lucky enough to be lying there in a lovely warm bed may be the ‘best’ there may be fewer, but none of them diminish the others before them.

    I always believe the best is yet to come & think I always will! Will the tremendous pride and excitement I will feel later in the year when my book is published surpass my excitement when my 2nd one is? I don’t know but does that matter? The best at the time is the best at the time & there’s always going to be something great around the corner. Love, Light & Laughter Linda 🙂

  10. June 9th 2022 by Claire Nicholas

    The best (fill in blank!) is something that made you feel so good you wanted to do/eat/drink/read/watch it again straight away. The memory of it stays with you.

  11. June 9th 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    The best decision I made was to go to university aged 39. I failed at school due to bullies, still managed to have challenging jobs, but knew, educationally I could have done better. I was a single parent, travelling four days a week by public transport, working part time and helping my 14 year old with her homework, as well doing my own. I achieved my BA Hons and had an 18 year career afterwards. Best decision I made in 1991!

  12. June 9th 2022 by Clare Bland

    Hugs are the best gift, because one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange them.

  13. June 9th 2022 by Carol Andrews

    Important to keep trying to be your best …. sometimes it is only when reflecting back that you realise how much you have achieved, but then tomorrow is another day, and who knows what is still to come?

  14. June 10th 2022 by John Hayter

    Re Tina Turner ‘Simply the best’ at conferences – I remember from The Office TV programme when David Brent had this play following his ‘coaching’ session – funny, but very cringeworthy!! As you suggest, definitely a no go!

  15. June 11th 2022 by Jacqueline Watson

    The best holiday is the one I’m on now

  16. June 11th 2022 by Gaynor

    NOW is the best I am living my best life now I’ve had best trips, gigs, friend,jobs, books,songs, BUT life has to be the best give it your best shot ❤️

  17. June 11th 2022 by Mike Facherty

    “Being” Santa is the best job ever.

  18. June 15th 2022 by Dawn Booth

    The best is yet to come. So true because we are always working towards goals, dreams, desires, ideals. Do the best you can then do better. Every best is a stepping stone to a new best x

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