What were you thinking?

Ermm, nothing

Ever had that conversation?

Have you found yourself saying:

Eeeh, I haven’t got time to think’.
OK, maybe without the ‘Eeeh’.

Thinking time is now seen as a luxury. Something for later – for ‘When I get a minute.’

Deep thinking time is put off for years; stored up for that once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Peruvian foothills. But only after the selfie.

You don’t spend enough (or any) time thinking.

I don’t mean meditating.

Chuck a sandal in the air and the chances are it’ll land on someone banging on to you about how important it is to meditate. (I know, I’m one of them.)

I mean thinking.

Deep Thinking. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sit somewhere quiet.
  1. Do your best not to be disturbed.
  1. Start to think.
  1. No distractions. No music. No notepad.
  1. Just you and your thoughts.

For 17 minutes.

You can do it today.

Or if you’d like a prod and to be a part of something, then I’m hosting The Big Think.

It will take place on Sunday at 17:00 and will last for 17 minutes.

You can participate in one of three ways:

1. Join others from all over the world for Deep Thinking on Zoom – Register here

2. Or join in on the Facebook LIVE. You can be aware that you are tuned in to a LIVE stream with hundreds of others simply enjoying 17 minutes of thinking.

3. Just do your own thing.  It might be nice to do it at 17:00 on Sunday and be part of some bigger thinking.

The Big Think.

Be Brilliant!


PS We always love your comments – what you THINK.  Please leave your thoughts below.




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