The biggest DIY mistake is also the biggest personal development mistake.  


Want to know what it is? 


Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have opened this newsletter. 


You’ve bought a new home. It’s a ‘doer-up-er’.  


Been there?


Month one. Let’s do the hall.  


After all, ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’. 


A week later and it looks fantastic. Wow, who knew what a lick of paint and stripping back those floorboards could do? 


And now you’ve created a problem.  


Now the hall looks amazing, everywhere else looks a little bit… [I’ll let you fill in the blank]. 


Especially the kitchen. 


And the kitchen is where you’ve ended up spending most of your time. It’s the hub, the heart of the house.  


And the idea of being without a kitchen for six weeks, while you do the work, isn’t inviting.  


A year goes by, you’ve done a bedroom, a half-ar**ed attempt at the lounge and now the rest of the house is just what it is.  


It’s the same with personal development. Many people, buy the book, do the course, and listen to the TED talk. They decorate the hall.  


Fix one thing.

Job done? 


Until they realise they’ve fixed the hall but not the kitchen. 


Still with me? 


If so, the chances are I’m talking about you.  


It’s easier to give a lick of paint to the hall than suffer a period of discomfort while you fix the heart of your home. 


Your core. 


Your values. 


Your authentic self. 


That’s why working with a (great) coach is invaluable.  


They’ll appreciate you’ve fixed up the hall, but they’ll challenge you to work on the kitchen.


There are loads of great coaches.  The best ones will give you loads of tough love.  


And you’ll end up with a stunning ‘kitchen’. 


Be Brilliant!


PS If you’re interested in working with a coach (maybe me) click here.  

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  1. July 15th 2022 by Angela Marden

    i work in property so this is very real scenario and yes a great analogy – certainly made me think. Its the nuggets 🙂

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