If a Wednesday is hump day… 

And the 15th is the half-month hump (closer to the next payday than the last one)…

Then this must be hump-year-day.

From today, you’re closer to 2021 than you are to 2019.

So, how’s your 2020 turning out?


Who could have predicted it.

So how about a little bit of certainty in your life?

Yes, Michael! 

The best way to feel certain, is to create your own certainty.

And there’s never been a better day to start THAN TODAY – hump-year-day (not sure if that will catch on)

The first half of the year is over. Gone. History. Finito.

The second half starts today. NOW! 

What’s your strategy for getting 2020 part 2 off to the BEST possible start?

How about I help you?

Help you with 17 days of inspiration, activity, positivity and a huge dollop of oomph!

If you haven’t seen it just yet, then you need to know that I have launched a 17 Day Pop-Up Project to kick start the first 17 Days of July.

It’s called ‘17′ 

And you’re invited.

Yes you. Just click here to join.

No fee. No fuss. No upsell.

Just 17 days of inspiration – oh and with an added twist!

Hump-Year-Day DONE. 

Time to get back on the saddle and make the rest of 2020 something special.

Be Brilliant!


PS There are loads of reasons why it’s called 17 and you can watch me explain why it’s called 17 in a special film I recorded for the group – join here.

We always love your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.


  1. July 2nd 2020 by Becky Elloway

    Absolutely ❤️ this!! 2020 has definitely been uncertain, plans may have gone array, new plans made or maybe it’s all just been too much for some people? Today is a great day for reflection, then decide whats important to you and restart!!

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