One of the most common discussions I have with people at events is around writing/publishing a book. It seems like everyone has ‘got a book inside them’ but very few have managed to get theirs out.

About a year ago I was approached by Mark Hearn, a successful business leader, who asked me for some advice. Mark had an idea for a book. A book on fatherhood.

Not parenting – specifically fatherhood.

I suggested he immediately start to write a blog. Post several items a week. Create a complete outline for his book. Contact publishers with a cracking pitch. Listen to what they say. Adapt the book if necessary. And ended with, ‘If you’re unable to get a deal but you believe in your book – self-publish’.

And here’s where Mark differs from the dozens of people with whom I’ve shared that advice.

Mark did it.

Every step right through to publishing.

Knowing what to do and knowing what to do AND doing it are two very different things.

Be Brilliant!


PS You can buy a paper copy or download Marks book here. If you’re a dad or know a dad, there’s some cracking thoughts in there; including one idea for anyone with toddlers which is guaranteed to give you and extra hour in bed – worth the cover price alone for that one!


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