You know the band who smashed it with their first album and then found it difficult to repeat their success?

Their record company is screaming: Just do it again, give us the hits! 

Why can’t they repeat the magic?

Possibly because that first album may only have taken two months to record but…

They’ve been working on it for the last five years.

Playing live, night after night.

Desperately trying to be noticed. Tweaking their songs in front of hundreds of critical audiences.

Eventually signing the deal and turning graft into hits.

Then they tour the album.

Their fame is growing. Those same songs they played to 15 people are now being performed to thousands. They love it!

Then the pressure is on. Can they write something that had previously taken five years and perfect it in five months?

That’s the problem when we ‘get good’ at something. The idea of failing keeps us safe. Keep playing the hits!

It’s why ‘one hit wonders’ are just that.

But we must keep failing – or let’s call it testing.  You are the artist; dare to play a new song to the audience, get a feel from the room even when you know the crowd wants to hear nothing but the successes.

A bit of trepidation is how we grow.

Be Brilliant!


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