I was enjoying a Friday gin and tonic with our neighbours when we witnessed the most spectacular sunset.

I did that ridiculous thing (that almost everyone with a smartphone has) and tried to take a photograph of it.

Of course, it looked pants. The reason?


Eyes are brilliant.


In fact, they are so brilliant that even when they don’t work properly, they’re still infinitely better than a smartphone camera having the ability to focus on 50 different objects every second.


So are your other senses.

Miracles each one.


Take taste. There are six basic tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, umami, astringent and pungent. Your amazing taste buds can detect their slightest difference, creating millions of flavours.


Flavour, of course, is helped by smell.

You can identify over a trillion different scents. And they are emotive.

There is nothing quite like a smell to whisk you back to a faded memory. Grandma’s baking anyone?


Knock knock! Did you know your hearing is working 24 hours a day?

So, when you think someone’s not listening… they are. It’s just their brain has chosen to tune you out.

That leaves touch.

There are four types of touch receptor – for detecting vibrations, slippage, when the skin stretches and one for subtle textures (like the touch of a feather or when Mrs H brushes the bottom of my foot and I leap two feet).


Today I’m giving thanks for my senses.

Do you have a something to share about senses? A fact, joke, comment?

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  1. July 28th 2022 by Jack Orchison

    If milk smells like dishwater, it’s on the turn. If milk smells like cheese it’s curdled. Tea or coffee, anyone? Also, does tea really cool quicker than coffee, and can you tell if sugar or sweetener is present just by smell?

  2. July 28th 2022 by Annie Watsham

    Smell! Having just lost it due to Covid I’m appreciating it so much more…being transported back to being four years old, first day at school when I smell that ‘chalky’ smell or a certain perfume (I know not which) that a teacher wore…

    Smell and taste slowly returning. My how I value it 🙂

  3. July 28th 2022 by Jackie Winnell

    Since becoming ill, my eyesight was affected and it was hard for me to focus, my eyes were always blurred. The first time I tried to read a book I cried. I’ve always worn glasses, but my sight is so precious to me, it’s the one sense I dread losing. Look after your eyes.

  4. July 28th 2022 by Clive Richard Mclaren

    4 years ago, I lost 90% of sight in my left eye caused by a vein aneurism that feeds oxygen to my retina. It has affected so many abilities that I took for granted. My right eye is short-sighted, so it has a lot of work to do for me to see and do everyday things. I am an avid reader, and writer and I love wildlife and nature; I thank God that I still have one eye. The thought that I would lose sight in my right eye as well is terrifying. we take our senses for granted, yet they are so precious.

  5. July 30th 2022 by Steve barker

    You definitely have a sixth sense. And a lot more too. You can tell when it’s hot or cold. You can tell when your body in injured (pain). You can tell when your stomach is empty or your bladder is full. You can detect when your body is moving (inner ear).

  6. July 30th 2022 by Sharon Sanders

    Intuition is a sixth sense that we need to listen to. I was once running in a thunderstorm and I suddenly felt that I needed to stop. I listened to my intuition and the lightening struck the floor where I would have been. Amazing

  7. August 1st 2022 by Peter Orr

    Taste, the bittersweet function of our bodies that can tell the difference between good and bad, but what happens when the item is bad but good? Sauerkraut to some is bad to others it is good, or there is a fish that smells really bad but it is good for you (assuming you wear a peg on your nose) surströmming if you need the name.. Michael maybe you should try it, but you might need a very strong G&T after it..

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