We were running short on lockdown jigsaws.

So Mrs Hepp decided to dig deep and rekindle one we started years ago.

The outside border was complete and safely stored in the ‘jig roll‘, the remaining pieces in a bag.

So why impossible?

No box lid.

And as much as we wracked our brains, we could not for the life of us think of the image we needed to recreate.

And it was fiendish.

After many hours, we worked out that the jigsaw is a series of CCT images of the same scene from different angles.

Yeah, fiendish.

Days went by, with the excitement and pleasure of finding a partially completed jigsaw gradually turning to frustration.

Here’s where Christine and I are different. She’s determined. She will find a way and battle through.

Me? I asked Google.

First, I tried to find the missing image. How many CCTV-based jigsaw puzzles could there be anyway?

Then I Googled, ‘How to complete a jigsaw without the box lid’.

I made a horrible discovery.

One clever Google suggestion is to check you have all the pieces first.

I did the check and it turned out we were a few missing.

463 to be precise.

A second bag.

We were never going to complete the task as we only had half the resources.

And no amount of motivational quotes, ‘There’s no such thing as a lack of resources, only a lack of resourcefulness’, would help.

Sometimes you just need to take a minute and ask:

What do I need to do this?

Do I have it?

Where will I get it?

How will I implement it?

Whether it’s a physical resource, knowledge or talent, find what you need first.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. June 4th 2020 by Rachel Hadley

    Please keep us updated on the jigsaw puzzle progress…! did you find the second bag?

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