When I first heard Zig Ziglar talking about the Opportunity Clock, I realised it was a Flip It moment of genius. It’s stayed with me forever.

Opportunity is something we want to move towards.

Alarm is something we want to move away from.

When the alarm clock goes, the temptation is to click snooze.

When opportunity arises, we take action (hopefully).


This week I’ve had the privilege of helping 400 amazing new authors to start their writing journey with the Write That Book Challenge.

What’s especially exciting is 153 of them have chosen to participate in my last ever Write That Book Masterclass.

This is the perfect example of using moving away from and moving towards motivation.


Moving towards motivation is knowing in a few months, you will have the joy of holding a book, with your name on the cover.

I’ve experienced this many times, seen how hundreds of others do it, and it’s one of the most incredible feelings.

Moving away from motivation is regret.

Regret that you were going to write a book, thought about writing a book many times, but never did write that book

That’s why my Masterclass is so successful and encourages more people to write, publish and sell their books than any other programme I’ve seen.

The perfect combination of moving towards and moving away from motivations.

What else uses these two motivators to help you achieve goals?

Please share them in the comments below.

Be Brilliant!


PS – If you would like to be involved in the last ever Write That Book Masterclass there’s still time.

Please take a look here.

Doors close on Sunday 20th November, at midnight.


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