Several hundred people joined me for my 20 ways to make 2020 your best year ever webinar last week and the response was amazing.

But the one thing that has everyone talking is the idea of precrastinating.

The concept is very simple.

Do stuff long before you need to.

If it’s due by the end of the month – do it by the 15th.

If the deadline is Friday, submit it on Wednesday.

If it’s promised by 5, deliver at 12.

You get the idea.

The feeling is amazing and when you clear the deadline you’ll get loads more done.

It turns out that time saving tips, hints and ideas are on the must-have list for everyone in 2020.

I know quite a bit about finding time.

In fact, I can guarantee to save you an hour every single day.

What will you do with yours?

More family time?
Catch up with friends?
(Any other suggestions, please comment below)

The list is endless. But the key to saving that hour every day is to start with a strong enough WHY. Then I can teach you techniques.

That’s why I’m planning a live Webinar next Thursday 23rd Jan at 6pm.

It will last for exactly 1 hour and I GUARANTEE that if you use the ideas, you will save an hour every day.

It will be interactive. You can ask questions and receive personal tips. Plus it will be recorded so you can benefit from encores.

The fee is £95 including vat and costs.

And here’s the best bit. As a subscriber to my newsletter you can save 50% if you get your skates on and book now*.

When booking, use the promo code ‘early’ and 50% will be automatically subtracted from your ticket price.

And, if at the end of the webinar you don’t think the ideas I shared will save you an hour every day, let me know – I’ll give you a full refund.

If time is important and you know you’ll benefit from this live webinar then precrastinate, book your place now and save 50%.

Be Brilliant!


PS. Live webinars are a great way to learn.
You’re in the comfort of your own environment
You’re not on screen – but you can ask questions.
There’s free encores
And it’s guaranteed.
*Remember to use the promo code ‘early’ to save 50%


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