Once upon a time I really wanted to be on the telly. I even had an agent and made a couple of pilots.

It didn’t happen (I’m delighted).

One day I met the head of a major TV production company and arrived prepared with an array of amazing TV show ideas.

After 15 minutes of furious pitching, he stopped me.

Michael, these are all great but we’ve got good ideas coming out of our ar***s. We need talent and execution’.


Everyone can have a bunch of good ideas.

Taking action and turning them into something. That’s the skill.

What would you rather have – 5 great ideas sitting on the shelf or one reasonable idea brilliantly executed?

I know what I’d like.

Make it happen.

Please share your comments below.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. November 14th 2019 by Damian Piper

    As always, spot and relevant insight. TY Michael

  2. November 14th 2019 by kevin

    How true. I learnt very early in my career
    ….. nobody got a medal for an idea.

  3. November 14th 2019 by Mike Rainey

    I am well retired now but I know that what you say is so true – yet for some reason the point is sometimes difficult to sell.

  4. November 15th 2019 by Yvonne

    This is true and it actually shows why being brilliant even works much better in teams with different skillsets: some people are brilliant in creating ideas, whilst lacking skills to execute, whereas others are brilliant in reality-checking those ideas and executing 🙂

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