The Problem With Your Customer Feedback

The second you land, check out of a hotel or receive a package the email or text arrives.

‘Would you be happy to carry out a short survey to help us improve our levels of service?’

Now here’s the challenge; who fills them in? The delighted? Or the devastated and the bored?

Last week I was interviewed by the Guardian newspaper about the plethora of ‘customer satisfaction surveys’. The journo wondered if there was a point in them?

‘There must be, or they wouldn’t do it. Would they?’ He questioned.

I suggested a radical and (I believe) better way. I called it… Taking time to talk to your customers.

I know, crazy isn’t it? So why don’t people do it?

Here are the top 3 reasons and my thoughts.

  • A survey gives you a wider sample
  • People don’t really want to hear your problems
  • You can make data say anything

People far cleverer than me know how to gather data, review it and analyse. But you have to question who’s providing the data in the first place?

No one really wants to hear customer’s problems, offer sympathy and God forbid take responsibility. ‘Feel free to give your feedback via the website’ is an online get out of jail card.

Yes, you can make data say anything. ‘Wow, our NPS scores with 11 women aged between 35 and 47 has shown a 6% positive shift. Whoop, whoop!’

I’d wager one really good conversation, face to face, with a customer who cares is worth more than 100 check box online surveys. Especially if you do something with the information they share.

I’m not saying stop the surveys. Just don’t forget the real people. The ones your interacting with live and in the moment.

Be Brilliant!




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