Every Wednesday I take an hour or so to write this newsletter.

I love it. It’s never a chore. And writing it makes me better.

Finding a subject isn’t a challenge. I can always think of ideas – because I have a secret tool…

It’s books.

But not necessarily reading them. Being inspired by being with them.

The walls of my office are surrounded by over 1,000 books.

When I need an idea, I pick up a book, open it at a random page and (four times out of five) an idea will appear.

It isn’t always a good idea, but it’s a starting idea.

Ideas link to ideas.

The spark is the start!

Here’s the exciting part… you don’t need 1,000 books, or even 10.

You can tap into someone’s best knowledge by watching a TED Talk, listening to a podcast or enjoying seeing them being interviewed.

That’s what I’m doing tonight at 6pm.

I’m interviewing three incredible people for Brilliant People Live.

Brilliant People Live is my online chat show. I hosted one last month (as a test) and it was a huge success. So, I’m doing it again.

My guests tonight include:

A legendary Leadership expert who works with the world’s top Theme Parks.

A creative Coach who decided to set up a 24-hour positive radio station.

An awesome Accountant who shows whole countries (she’s just finished Azerbaijan!) how to accrue so they don’t go bust. (She also knows you how to check out your government’s accounts to see how they’re doing. I’ll be asking her about that).

You can watch live on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube at 6pm.

And I bet you get an idea that will make you better.

In fact, if you watch and don’t find an idea, I’ll send you £5.

Your bit… What’s a question I should be asking my guests that will generate ideas?

Please post your suggestions below.

Be Brilliant!


PS My £5 is safe.  


  1. February 25th 2021 by Stuart McCulloch

    All 3 of you do inspirational roles and from the outside look happy, content and successful. If you had a weakness or two that you are still dealing with would you admit it now?

    1. February 25th 2021 by Michael Heppell

      Great question! Thank you.

  2. February 25th 2021 by KC

    If you had to give a mini-speech & it also had to fit into a tweet, what would it be?

  3. February 25th 2021 by Christopher Horsfall

    Why Theme Parks?

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