Google ‘Life Hacks’ and you’ll find list after list – often with grand claims making you doubt how you’ve lived your life without that perfect way to make a sandwich or how to reorganise your sock drawer.

I’ll be honest, this newsletter was going to be a Top 10 Life Hacks but when I started to write it, it felt fake.

That’s because I already know the ultimate life hack and it won’t take long to share.

And you may not like it…

But here goes…

The ultimate life hack is… hard work.

Sorry.  I know you were hoping for a Heppell Super Hack where all you’d have to do is use this device, download this app, or say these magic words.  But alas, it’s still hard work.

All is not lost! Because hidden within this hack there are a couple of cheats…

Making it easier to work hard without it being hard work.

Here are my three mini hacks:

Remove Distractions

If you were to be brutally honest, how much of your time is actually spent working on what you should be working on?

Some research claims that up to 50% of your time is spent working on the wrong thing or being immersed in distractions.

That means you have to work twice as hard in the time you have left.

Learn From Experts 

One thing I’ve noticed from experts is that they love to share their expertise.  And often it’s free! And if you did need to invest a little time and money in an expert to be better, then it’s certainly not a cost – it’s a true investment.

Remember What You Already Know

Sometimes you can be so busy looking for the next new thing you forget to look back at what you already know. Your past experience is often worth more than you think.

That’s it. Now back to work!

Be Brilliant


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  1. May 23rd 2019 by Jim Hetherton

    LOVE IT and Sooooooooo True Michael xx
    And as the sage said “work will win where wishy washy wishing won’t “

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