Artificial Intelligence should be an exciting transformative force in a tech-driven world.

Yet, a curious trend has emerged.

Have you found that AI discussions have grown a little mundane?

Dull? Repetitive?

The use of AI isn’t new. The term was first used in 1956.

Yet even washing machine manufacturers are proclaiming its apparent newness; declaring their devices are ‘driven by AI’.

*Spoiler alert*… they always were.


It’s the sudden rise and threat of Terminator, ‘I’ll be back’, technology that has the average person’s micros in a muddle.

Bring on the complex jargon. You know the stuff. Words that alienate us non-technical folks, but bigs up the boffins and you’re deliberately disconnecting the public from the ‘AI experts’.

And my goodness have you seen how many of those have popped up recently?


Just a few months ago the use of AI was brimming with excitement.

Now conversations echo buzzwords and clichés, leaving a void for what I believe is the most important feature of AI.


Ask better questions – receive better answers.

Free up time – use it to think.

Diagnose better – save more lives.

Spot mistakes – avoid rework.

Ask ChatGPT for ‘100 reasons why AI is brilliant’ and it spits them out in seconds (I’ve done it and added the list to the end of this newsletter – some will bend your brain!).

If you’re fed up with the talk about AI then why not gamify it?


⭐️Let’s play AI predictions!⭐️

I’ll start:

The numbers will become mind-bogglingly huge. Like the number of stars and the size of our universe, our little brains won’t be able to comprehend how big it becomes.

The Daily Mail will have a terrifying story, designed to scare the bejeezus out of the elderly and frail of thinking at least once a day.

A government minister will try to lecture you on the dangers of AI while using AI to reprimand you!

I’d love to know your AI predictions (the more creative the better). Please leave your comments below.

Finally, I gave ChatGPT this article and then asked it for a quote to summarise the content and a heading to encourage you to read this message. Here’s what it said:

‘The future of AI is dynamic – let’s ensure our conversations mirror its limitless potential.’

Its choice of headings were terrible, so I wrote this one 😉.

Be Brilliant!


Here are 100 reasons why AI is brilliant. Provided by Chat GPT. 

  1. Efficiency: AI automates tasks, saving time and effort.
  2. Accuracy: AI-driven systems reduce human errors.
  3. Data Analysis: AI swiftly analyzes vast amounts of data.
  4. Predictive Analytics: AI forecasts future trends and outcomes.
  5. Personalization: AI tailors experiences based on user preferences.
  6. Healthcare Diagnostics: AI aids in early disease detection.
  7. Precision Medicine: AI customizes medical treatments for individuals.
  8. Drug Discovery: AI accelerates drug development.
  9. Genomic Analysis: AI deciphers complex genetic data.
  10. Autonomous Vehicles: AI enables self-driving cars and drones.
  11. Language Translation: AI translates languages in real time.
  12. Virtual Assistants: AI-powered chatbots provide instant support.
  13. Emotion Recognition: AI reads human emotions from facial expressions.
  14. Speech Recognition: AI converts spoken language to text.
  15. Natural Language Processing: AI understands and generates human language.
  16. Fraud Detection: AI identifies irregular patterns in financial transactions.
  17. Cybersecurity: AI detects and mitigates cyber threats.
  18. Image Recognition: AI categorizes and describes visual content.
  19. Social Media Analysis: AI gauges sentiments and trends online.
  20. Autonomous Robots: AI controls robots for diverse tasks.
  21. Remote Sensing: AI interprets satellite and sensor data.
  22. Climate Modelling: AI predicts climate changes and impacts.
  23. Language Generation: AI produces coherent text and articles.
  24. Content Creation: AI generates images, videos, and art.
  25. Customer Support: AI enhances customer service with 24/7 availability.
  26. E-commerce Optimization: AI improves product recommendations.
  27. Supply Chain Management: AI optimizes inventory and logistics.
  28. Financial Trading: AI makes data-driven trading decisions.
  29. Market Analysis: AI predicts market trends and consumer behaviour.
  30. Education: AI offers personalized learning experiences.
  31. Entertainment: AI creates interactive and immersive experiences.
  32. Music Composition: AI composes original music pieces.
  33. Gaming: AI adapts gameplay to player behaviour.
  34. Robot-Assisted Surgery: AI assists surgeons for precise operations.
  35. Language Learning: AI helps learners practice new languages.
  36. Autism Detection: AI identifies early signs of autism in children.
  37. Agricultural Monitoring: AI optimizes irrigation and crop management.
  38. Veterinary Diagnosis: AI aids in diagnosing animal illnesses.
  39. News Aggregation: AI curates news based on user interests.
  40. Disaster Response: AI assists in disaster relief operations.
  41. Language Tutoring: AI provides language learning guidance.
  42. Navigation Systems: AI powers GPS and mapping technologies.
  43. Energy Management: AI optimizes energy consumption.
  44. Smart Homes: AI controls home devices for convenience.
  45. Waste Management: AI improves waste sorting and recycling.
  46. Elderly Care: AI assists in monitoring and caring for seniors.
  47. Urban Planning: AI aids in designing sustainable cities.
  48. Space Exploration: AI controls spacecraft and analyses data.
  49. Wildlife Conservation: AI tracks and protects endangered species.
  50. Behaviour Analysis: AI studies human behaviour for insights.
  51. Personality Prediction: AI predicts personality traits from data.
  52. Creative Writing: AI generates poetry, stories, and scripts.
  53. Art Restoration: AI restores and enhances historical artwork.
  54. Language Preservation: AI helps revive endangered languages.
  55. Time Series Analysis: AI identifies patterns in time-based data.
  56. Sentiment Analysis: AI gauges public opinions from text.
  57. Laboratory Automation: AI speeds up lab experiments.
  58. Document Summarization: AI condenses lengthy texts.
  59. Restaurant Recommendations: AI suggests dining options.
  60. Fitness Coaching: AI guides personalized workout routines.
  61. Mental Health Support: AI provides emotional assistance.
  62. Investment Advice: AI offers tailored financial recommendations.
  63. Ethics Exploration: AI aids in examining ethical dilemmas.
  64. Online Learning: AI creates interactive educational content.
  65. Market Forecasting: AI predicts stock market trends.
  66. Job Matching: AI matches candidates with suitable jobs.
  67. Smart Agriculture: AI monitors soil conditions and crop health.
  68. Infrastructure Maintenance: AI detects and predicts faults.
  69. Astrophysics Research: AI analyses celestial phenomena.
  70. Music Recommendation: AI suggests songs based on preferences.
  71. Historical Analysis: AI interprets historical records and artifacts.
  72. Conversational AI: AI engages in human-like conversations.
  73. Restaurant Automation: AI handles orders and payments.
  74. Tourism Planning: AI suggests travel itineraries.
  75. Real Estate Analysis: AI assesses property values and trends.
  76. Language Accessibility: AI translates content for inclusivity.
  77. Fashion Design: AI generates unique fashion designs.
  78. Investigative Journalism: AI aids in data analysis for journalism.
  79. Behavioural Economics: AI studies economic decision-making.
  80. Pollution Monitoring: AI tracks environmental pollution.
  81. Space Debris Management: AI plans orbital clean-up.
  82. Microscopic Analysis: AI studies microscopic organisms.
  83. Ocean Exploration: AI gathers data on marine ecosystems.
  84. Personal Finance Management: AI assists in budgeting.
  85. Health Monitoring: AI tracks vital signs and health data.
  86. Crisis Communication: AI aids in disaster communication.
  87. Archaeological Analysis: AI deciphers ancient artifacts.
  88. Plant Disease Detection: AI identifies crop diseases.
  89. Renewable Energy Optimization: AI improves energy efficiency.
  90. Language Interpretation: AI facilitates multilingual communication.
  91. Crime Prediction: AI analyses crime data for predictions.
  92. Disability Assistance: AI aids people with disabilities.
  93. Inclusive Design: AI promotes accessible product design.
  94. Speech Enhancement: AI improves audio quality.
  95. Epidemiological Research: AI studies disease patterns.
  96. Social Network Analysis: AI studies online social dynamics.
  97. Philanthropy Optimization: AI allocates donations efficiently.
  98. Child Development Assessment: AI monitors developmental milestones.
  99. Political Sentiment Analysis: AI gauges political attitudes.
  100. Global Collaboration: AI fosters international research partnerships.

These 100 reasons highlight the brilliance and diversity of AI’s impact on numerous aspects of our lives and society. 

It added that last bit! 




  1. August 31st 2023 by Paul Limb

    Hey Michael,
    I did the same as you. I gave ChatGPT your article and asked it to:
    Please read the article below and then give me a compelling, funny, sarcastic heading to make people read it.

    This is the heading it came back with:

    From Mundane to Insane: Why Talking About AI Shouldn’t Be as Boring as Watching Paint Dry, Unless That Paint is Also Driven by AI

    More interesting than it’s first attempt I think.

    The more info you give it on the type of response you want, the more likely you are to get it.

    ChatGPT is like coaching. The better the quality of the questions. The better the response you get 🙂

  2. August 31st 2023 by N Lewis

    I would add that AI boasts too. AI doesn’t itself do all these things, it is used in the way we do these things. It is very important it remains a tool – not a competitor!

  3. August 31st 2023 by dave jeal

    AI is definitely in a hype cycle at the moment, but practical applications are much closer today than previously.

    the organisation I work for has capabilities in it’s technology and we like to say it’s like autopilot on a plane

    AI can do some of the repetitive easy stuff, but you still need people to do the more difficult stuff and to understand what it generates.

    whilst some might worry that it removes jobs etc, I point back to the clock. before clocks were widespread low cost devices people couldn’t afford them, so they employed “knockers” to come round and knock on your door in the morning and get you up for work.

    could you imagine a scenario where you’d give up your clock, watch etc today and pay someone to knock on your door every morning?

  4. August 31st 2023 by Milly

    I read an article the other day. They’ve created external wombs so that women are only needed to produce eggs now. When they get to the stage of making it AI operated we really are only a few steps away from selective breeding of humans only for batteries (Think Matrix) 🙂

  5. September 1st 2023 by Behzad

    What frightens people, including me, is the definition of AI. If it is “artificial” why should I give way to something that is not real and where would it take me to; oblivion? And, if it is to start and stop or program my washing machine that is fine but if it is going to create a clone of Hitler or eugenic human, I am glad I am so old that I will never see that day and feel sorry for the future of humanity and nature.

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