A gratitude list is much more than just being grateful.

It trains your brain.

To practice focusing on good things.

Then, (and here’s the best bit), when you need to trigger a positive emotion, you’re in a better position to do so.


One of my favourite coaching tips is to practice when you don’t need it, so it’s there when you do.

Like drilling a dance step over and over when you don’t need it – so it’s there when you do. Ta-dah!

Who’s loving Strictly by the way?


What’s on your Grateful List? Practice adding something you’re grateful for in the comments.

I’ll send a copy of my book Brilliant Life to our favourite.

Please leave your comments below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. October 13th 2022 by Lynn Partridge

    I am grateful that I have sold my house and am having a real good clear out of stuffI haven’t used or worn for years.

  2. October 13th 2022 by Alastair Tallis

    I’m grateful for my understanding manager who has provided the flexibility i needed to rest and recover, she has gone above and beyond to help me and when i return on Monday i will be going above and beyond!!

  3. October 13th 2022 by Theresa Jauregui

    I’m grateful for my 4 wonderful, beautiful, sparky, exasperating kids – all so different from me & each other, all of whom I’m incredibly proud as I watch them follow their own paths.

  4. October 13th 2022 by Jan Greetham

    My Dog..My dog 🐕‍🦺🐾❤️
    I was thinking this after I read your post and then a picture showed up on my feed, with this message… – also grateful for Serendipity 💜.

    Thank you for being my dog, someone to do life with, and above all, Thank you for being my best friend

  5. October 13th 2022 by Simone Glennen

    I am grateful to the stranger my son and I met and my daughters bench at the weekend. My 4 yr son told him wanted to tell him about his sister and why the bench was special, the man was grateful for him sharing his story and told us to have a good day. Later that evening my sister in law received a message via a gofundme she set up when my daughter passed in 2021, he sent a lovely note thanking us and to say how special my son was and made a donation.

  6. October 13th 2022 by Sharon Steward

    I’m grateful for my brilliant life and all it entails.

  7. October 13th 2022 by Baz Roberts

    Just got back from an amazing trip in Cape Town, playing hockey for Wales Over 50’s at the Masters World Cup. Massively grateful for the opportunity to do this, for my team mates for the camaraderie, for the supporters for cheering us on, for the physios who kept our ageing bodies working and for the organisers who put it all together.

  8. October 13th 2022 by Lenise Page

    I am grateful for life itself. Life, i general, has ups and downs but I still find the beauty of creation awesome. The friends I have are invaluable.

  9. October 13th 2022 by Shona

    I grateful for my beautiful daughters who are growing into the adults any mother would be proud to claim. I am also grateful for my beautiful dog who gets me out of the house regularly and keeps me fit.

  10. October 13th 2022 by Annette Merrick

    I am eternally grateful for your book Flip It. Over the years I have used it so often. It still sits on my desk as a reminder.
    So, 2 months ago, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with leukaemia. A really bad version of it too. After a few days of utter shock, I pulled myself together, remembering my mantra,‘Tomorrow is never promised’. If anyone could get through this it would be me! 2 days later I was told it was a different form, and was very treatable. Well, we literally skipped out of the surgery. My GP, consultants and nurses can’t get over how positive I am. I’m so grateful for all the research that’s been done. If I had this 25 years ago my life expectancy would have been less than 5 years. With such good treatments my life expectancy is completely normal (well 3 years less – but, as I planned on living until I am 103, I’ll take that!) I’m grateful to the wonderful treatment I’ve had from the NHS and the extremely expensive medication I’ll probably be on for the rest of my life. But, I certainly couldn’t have done this without your wisdom, which I’m carry with me every day. Thank you Michael xx

  11. October 13th 2022 by Sue Clarke

    I am so grateful for all the things I tend to take for granted – a bed, food, health, family and friends, and a sense of purpose in life.

  12. October 13th 2022 by Audrey Macnaughton

    In this moment I’m grateful for these comments as they made me smile! What would happen if more comment threads were like this…brilliant!

  13. October 13th 2022 by Susan Reed

    Apart from my husband and the close relationship I have with my adult kids, their spouses and grandchildren. I am grateful that I have food, a clean bed, shower, hot water and heating, even toothpaste to brush my teeth. I could go on…….

  14. October 13th 2022 by Allison Reeves-Slaughter

    I am so grateful for so much, but after meeting a new contact yesterday who is sooo positive and motivating I have arranged for her to speak to my clients. I am grateful for new connections.

  15. October 13th 2022 by Frances mackintosh

    Yesterday I lost my job after 33 years. Today I’m feeling a bit lost. I’m grateful for the amazing people I’ve met and I now have time to write that book! Well finish it. 🙂

  16. October 13th 2022 by Jan

    I’m grateful for life itself. Its not until I got older and had a diagnosis that this word grateful had so much weight in it. To be grateful always keeps me positive and thankful for the small things in life. Life is precious we are to seize it with our whole heart. So I would say by being grateful it protects your heart from being mean and closed. By staying grateful it keeps you young and happy. Xx

  17. October 13th 2022 by Suzy Blyth

    I’m super grateful right now for the delicious hot steak pie that Craig just delivered as a surprise knowing I would probably be hungry and cold – made my day!

  18. October 13th 2022 by Sue Truslet

    I am grateful for waking up each morning to start a new day, just grateful to be me.

  19. October 13th 2022 by Rosee Elliott

    I am very grateful for being Rosee.
    Having the determination and tenacity in writing my book – ‘Behind the Mirror – what others don’t see’
    Thank you Michael💖

  20. October 13th 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    I have an internal grateful list. Having been so ill in 2017 and spent two years being diagnosed, then life was restricted again due to Covid-19, I know what gratitude is. I am grateful every day for still being here and the different opportunities I still have. I am currently celebrating a big birthday, a birthday I didn’t think I’d reach, in Edinburgh with my daughter. I’m lucky.

  21. October 13th 2022 by Claire

    I am grateful for my friends. They listen, they don’t talk down to me, and they offer relevant advice. They are lovely people.

  22. October 13th 2022 by Karen Munro

    I am grateful for the wonderful people that suddenly appear in to my life when I start to lose faith in humankind. I just met a small group of ladies on a retreat in the Lake District last weekend and I am so grateful for the light and love they gave me.

  23. October 13th 2022 by Katy

    I’m super grateful for my women friends who boost me and support me and give me wise counsel when I need it most!

  24. October 13th 2022 by Tina Blake

    I’m grateful to cancer for highlighting what wonderful friends I have and challenging me to walk at sunrise and sunset drawing strength from nature. There is beauty all around us in many forms, we just have to notice it.

  25. October 13th 2022 by Marek Kubiakowski

    Recently I woke up to find l could not see out of one of my eyes. It was a Sunday. Knowing l couldn’t do anything about it l waited until Monday to go to my optician. They sent me to A&E as l had a detached retina. I am grateful to the surgeon as he saved my eye. One doesn’t realise how grateful we should be for having eyes as without one is hard enough but what about those blind people who have none? Give thought to them and support them. Eyes are a great commodity to have, treat them with care.

  26. October 13th 2022 by Lisa Hogg

    I am grateful for the email you sent and the replies it received. It gave perspective on the sad situation I find myself in today. For that I am grateful.

  27. October 13th 2022 by Sally

    I’m thankful that although I cry most days now my Dad has passed (this Easter) I know it is because I loved him so much, was loved unconditionally by him and my precious memories are locked in my heart.I know many people do not have that.

  28. October 13th 2022 by Chris KOP mcconnell

    I’m grateful for electricity I write 5 things I’m grateful for most days, but I was thinking about how brilliant us humans are for being clever enough to cover the planet with an electricity supply which he all just take for granted. Now it’s getting pricey and talk of blackouts if that ever happens I’m sure we will all miss it. So it makes my grateful list.

  29. October 13th 2022 by Caroline ffrench Blake

    I’m grateful that I’m near the end of long covid – most of the horrible symptoms are over with, I just still have fatigue and brain fog. I appreciate every walk I can take, with friends perhaps, in the sunshine and fresh air, and every necessary rest I can enjoy. I know it could be so much worse. But I am still here, and enjoying so much, and looking forward to so much.

  30. October 13th 2022 by Fiona Myles

    I am grateful that I have the most amazingly wonderful husband who supports me in the up times and the not so up times. I am grateful for my wonderfully unique little Georgie who is 50 years younger than me so keeps me young at heart.

  31. October 13th 2022 by Dawn Booth

    Gratitude a lovely thought, a warmth of feeling, a privilege. I am grateful for all that life offers but one thing that stands out is ‘second chances’ mistakes aren’t forever but second chances give us the opportunity to grow x

  32. October 13th 2022 by Michelle Hurst

    At this moment I am grateful I can push the button that gives me gas to heat the house I live in with my two wonderful boisterous boys and that I was able to put feed them before they both headed out to their clubs this evening.

  33. October 14th 2022 by sonya orsini

    I am grateful for waking up each morning and for every breath I take (I feel a song coming on). I am grateful for my health and being able to see the beauty around me, especially every person in my immediate family.

  34. October 23rd 2022 by Ann Wild

    So many inspirational comments, being a stroke survivor I am grateful for every day, the support of my husband and family and my beautiful grandchildren whose love and innocence helped my recovery bless you.

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