First there was the normal. Whatever that was.

Then the ‘new normal’. That was a hoot.

That changed when the new normal was proclaimed to be the normal.

What’s next? The old, new normal becomes the new, newer normal?

The only certainty about normal, is normal is one of those words that if you keep saying it, it doesn’t sound… normal.

Like lump, hoist or porridge.

This weird phenomenon is called ‘semantic satiation’ which has the beautiful irony of sounding weird when only saying it once.

Back to normal. That’s this newsletter, not the state.

I’m putting a stake in the ground. There is no normal.

Never has been, never will be.

It’s just an overused word for usual.

And these are unusual times.

Stop looking for normal (new or any other kind); it’s not coming, it never was.

Embrace unusual.

Unusual times are ahead.

Of that I can be certain.

Be Brilliant!


PS I’m going to launch a new Write That Book group next month. It’s going to be epic. To whet your appetite, I’ve created a private mini-site called The Top Three Mistakes Authors Make. It includes the 3.5 mistakes, solutions and a video where I explain a little more. You can access it here.

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  1. April 15th 2021 by Karin Carruthers

    This one had me rolling around the office laughing… I LOVE this newsletter! Perfect.

  2. April 15th 2021 by Angie Morrish

    That’s not a newsletter – it’s just wordage filling up space! But it is an amusing musing nonetheless 🙂

  3. April 15th 2021 by Annie Watsham

    Just love ‘semantic satiation’…it is just so weirdly odd when you keep saying a word and it starts to feel like a little alien in your brain !!!

  4. April 15th 2021 by Richard Thomas

    Having overcome the ‘Wedge of Doubt’, asked for help and decided on self publish – I have written a book thanks to Michael…

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