Air conditioning has been used more in the past few days than in the last few years.

My friend Steve got a bit of a shock when he had a two-hundred-mile car journey and found his had stopped working.

He took his motor to the garage where he was told his air con needed to be ‘recharged’.

Steve didn’t know this was, in his words, ‘even a thing’.

Yes, a car’s air conditioning needs to be recharged to be effective.

And so do you.

Two weeks baking on a beach may be the answer, but there are some easier solutions.

Here are five:

Close your eyes for 7 minutes. ‘Quiet wakefulness’ is the simplest recharge hack, it’s available at almost any time and it’s free.

Hydrate. Recharge your entire body with a big glass of water.

Stretch. A few minutes of stretching reduces fatigue, decreases the chance of injury and leaves you feeling fabulously floppy.

Body Brush. Not only does it leave you feeling sparkly, but dry body brushing increases blood supply, unblocks pores and stimulates lymph flow/drainage.

Walk (not hike) and look around. I love hiking for fitness and walking for mindfulness. There’s nothing quite like a gentle walk to recharge.

What would you add? We’ll send a copy of my book Brilliant Life to our favourite.

Please add your idea below.

Be Brilliant!

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  1. July 21st 2022 by MarkR

    1 minute cold water shower.
    Brush teeth.
    Comb hair.

  2. July 21st 2022 by Liz Pet-Davies

    Play some music special to you, sit quiet looking at your favourite photograph of your family. Take time to remember happy times with them, smile and be grateful for life.

  3. July 21st 2022 by Lesley Campbell

    I love to craft! There are loads of tutorials on YouTube and you often need very little resources or you can use stuff that you find in your house. Recently I have done; cut a pic in half and try to draw the piece you have cut off, stain glass window butterfly ( black paper, tissue paper and craft knife needed,) zentangle, and potato printing (leading to lino printing). I also love to send a random postcard from my home. People love to receive something personalised through their door.

  4. July 21st 2022 by Jane

    Laugh out loud. Nothing makes you feel lighter afterwards than a good belly laugh.

  5. July 21st 2022 by Liz Welham-Daly

    A quick dip in the sea does it for me. If you dont’ swim a paddle will do.

  6. July 21st 2022 by Robert Heys

    Love the closing of the eyes and having seven minutes of quiet wakefulness.

    I used to practise that when my wife started going on about jobs to be done or places I needed to go to.

    We’re not together anymore…

  7. July 21st 2022 by Helen Marshall

    Thinking about 3 things (large or small) that make me smile today.

  8. July 21st 2022 by Sharon Demiray

    4,5,6 breathing.. breath in through your nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 5, release through the mouth for a count of 6, repeat 3/4 times. A lovely quick way to quiet the mind, relax the body & feel energised & refreshed after.

  9. July 21st 2022 by jim hetherton

    You should breath by mouth as often as you eat by nose! your mouth is for eating, your nose is for breathing. Breathing like a Dragon by nose! Checkout: Breath-New-Science-Lost-Art – James Nestor 🙂

  10. July 21st 2022 by Linda

    Love these- thank you for sharing.
    I practiced this earlier this morning, for few minutes or even moments jus notice or be aware of your heart, at the same time actively feel grateful for anything or no reason, feel gratitude for simply being you. The unique presence that you are. Eyes can be open or closed.
    You can go a step further and extend this feeling of gratitude to loved ones (or anyone), your pets or even plants & trees, or the room you’re in. Play with it.

  11. July 21st 2022 by Sue Beck

    What a great email – thank you Michael! I find focusing on watching and listening to take compose photos, generally while walking our dogs, helps clear my mind! IF they turn out well, I have happy reminders to share as well! 🙂

  12. July 21st 2022 by Linda Nightingale

    Smile 🙂 as your brain responds to this, it releases endorphins into your system and lowers your Cortisol – stress levels so a swin swin.

    If you can manage a little chuckle or even a fully blown bell;y laugh – as Jane said – then its an even bigger swin as your body will receive a wonderful cocktail of wonderfully relaxing while uplifting hormones!!

  13. July 21st 2022 by Jackie Winnell

    I would add:
    Do 4 Star Jumps while shouting READ,WRITE, EDIT, REPEAT.

  14. July 22nd 2022 by Rob Martin-Judd

    I like to lay down on the floor with my feet raised on a bed of chair for ten minutes whilst taking deep breaths and relaxing. You can almost feel the oxygenated blood re-energise your brain

  15. July 22nd 2022 by philip Mahoney-Berg

    Use an umbrella when you are out in strong or moderate sun. You will get a few stares or rude comments, but who will feel better when the sun goes done? (I learned this ‘safety net’ while I was working in Thailand).

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