Not me personally, although some do say I look younger than my years.

No? 😉

This week, my company Michael Heppell Ltd, is 25 years old.

On 1st October 1998, Zoom – the Creative Consultancy was born. Yep, I was Zoom 12 years before Eric Yuan started his Zoom.

I even had the domain name and let it lapse when I changed it to the imaginatively titled ‘Michael Heppell’ a couple of years later.


I had so many plans.

90% didn’t work…

But 10% did.

9% paid the bills.

And 1% worked very well.


This month, I’m sharing 25 learnings from 25 years in business.

They’re appearing almost daily on my

Michael Heppell Facebook Page,

How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group,


Instagram and Twitter (X)

with around 50 words on what each means to me.

Search #MH25


Here are the headlines of what I’ve shared so far:

1 – Starting a business is easy. It’s surviving in business that’s tough.

2 – No one sells you like you.

3 – Buyers are liars. I don’t like this, but it’s true.

4 – Write a book. It changes everything!

5 – Focus on your unique ability.


There are twenty more to come in October.

As I wrote the list, my primary emotion was gratitude.

For the past 25 years I’ve been paid to do what I love. Wow! I’ll never take that for granted.

I’m keen to do 25 more.


Three thoughts to finish.

If you have your own business bravo.

I know it’s a scrap – but isn’t it brilliant?


If you’ve thought about, give it a go.

I recommend a ‘side hustle’ first.

See if you like it and you’re emotionally equipped.


If you never have and wouldn’t want to own your own business… good!

Entrepreneurs need team members, suppliers, cheer leaders and customers.


Thank you for supporting me.

Just knowing you’ve read this message gives me a buzz.

You can leave a comment and share your business lessons below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. October 5th 2023 by Julia Goodfellow-Smith

    It was 25 years ago this week that I started working for HSBC. Although that was a bad move for me in many ways, it was where I was first introduced to you. I can remember reading ‘How to be Brilliant’ in the cafe next to my branch, and the rest is history. So, a heartfelt congratulations – I’m so glad you decided to do what you do.

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