If I were to say to you that thought transference is now proven and that you can actually pick up on what somebody thinks, or someone could pick up on what you are thinking, what would you say?

What if I were to suggest to you that thought transference through time is also available…

Where a thought that somebody had 10 years ago could appear clearly in your mind today?

And if something you thought now could be picked up by another person, who you haven’t even met, and they would receive that thought in 5, 10, 50 or even 100 years from now?

You’ll be delighted to know that I haven’t lost the plot during lockdown (or as I prefer to call it ‘cocooning’).

But I do want to help you to become a thought transferer.

You can do it by writing a book.

I wrote Flip It 12 years ago; many people are buying and using it now to help them cope with the current situation.

If you’ve ever wanted to share your thoughts and ideas, then there’s never been a better time than now to write.

This week, I launched a new group called. You can here Write That Book Here.

Over 100 people became members in the first 24 hours and already they are sharing ideas and thoughts about the books they may want to write.

I’d love it if you’re one of those people who believes that they have a book inside them and would like to join the Group and get it out.

I’ve already started sharing ideas, and tomorrow I’ll be giving the members of the Group ‘A little something for the weekend’.

On Monday, we start a four-day challenge.  It’s all free.

Then, the following week there’ll be a webinar, where I’ll share some of the key learnings I’ve gained as an author and where I’m going to launch a very special author’s Mastermind Group.

A recent poll showed that 61% of people would like to write a book and of those, 47% would like some help.

The remaining 34% are mostly just happy with the reading.

If you’re part of the 61%, then come and join Write That Book and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to write and publish your very own book.

And if you’re part of the 34% who enjoy reading, then please support your fellow members of the Michael Heppell community when they publish their works later this year.


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  1. May 7th 2020 by Margaret Whittaker

    Thoughts are created from fear, from love from desire and become solid ideas if they are given focus – then they become blueprints, other thoughts join to add materials for the blueprints to manifest into solid material and become more fixed as the creation is helped along by physical activity. Sir Christopher Wren’s solidified thought is St. Paul’s Cathedral. I hope my book is my St. Pauls Cathedral I am moving from the thought to creation of the blueprint I think at this moment. It will manifest if I give it the focus and the time to go through all the stages. Taking help from this team project is crucial as it is a gathering of the parts of the process that I am as yet ignorant of.

  2. May 7th 2020 by Dan

    Thanks Michael. Most people will doubt they can do it, but they can. Loads of people I know say they want to but can’t believe for even a second they can do it. It’s a shame. I wrote my first book five years ago and it still sells well. Just finished a new much more professional self published book. It’s sold well but I want to expand my reach more. Will the course have tips on promotion? Thanks

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