If it’s important enough.  


And if you’re prepared to do what’s necessary.  


Then mastery can be an appealing place.  


But what makes a Master? 


Natural Talent 

Some (very few) are born with it. Top sports stars have the physical attributes to be the best – it’s in their DNA.  


Some people, like super scientists, are just very clever. You know, ‘She was reading Proust at four and solving calculus at six.’

The geniuses.    


10,000 hours  

The theory is that if you do something for 10,000 hours you can master it.   


Malcolm Gladwell sites it was spending seven days a week playing long sets in Hamburg that helped the Beatles to master their craft.  


Of course, you need to practice the correct tasks, adjust for errors and do it over a compressed time to benefit from the 10,000 rule.  



Being Coached or Mentored, often by someone who’s been there and done it, must be part of the mastery mindset.  


A great coach will stretch you. Offer solutions and insight. And ultimately help you be your very best.  


Which is best? 


I could never have played basketball. No natural talent or height to help me here.   


But I do have a natural talent to speak. ‘The gift of the gab’ my grandma called it.   

So, I worked on that.  



10,000 hours is 3 to 6 years (depending on how committed you are) of solid graft. 


Be careful; year two shouldn’t be a repeat of year one.  


Maybe coaching is the key? It’s faster, more effective and just one tweak or insight can save you years and create a massive shift in your performance.   


But is most likely to be a combination of all three.  


And a fourth.  


The one I haven’t thought of, but you have.  


Let me know what I’ve missed in the comments below.


Be Brilliant!   




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  1. July 7th 2022 by Ken Pugh

    Rolled into one Michael.
    An interest in the subject : passion / energy/ enthusiasm

  2. July 7th 2022 by Judy Brulo

    Not being afraid to make mistakes AND learning that you can flip mistakes around to make them into successes.

  3. July 7th 2022 by jeremy Taylor

    Laser focused committment mixed with real desire to do whatever it takes

  4. July 7th 2022 by Martin S

    I would need to have enthusiasm for the thing over which mastery is being sought. It would also need to be something that is important to me.

  5. July 8th 2022 by Tricia Frances de Gray


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