I was going to create a Black Friday sale with amazing offers on loads of products.

And then I remembered the jam experiment, where a supermarket increased its range of jams fivefold and sold… less jam.

Most people appreciate less choice, not more. Keep it simple Heppell.


In the spirit of less jam choice, I only have three offers in this year’s Black Friday sale. And they are the best ones. I’m not in the business of clearing old stock, I’m changing lives.

And by the way, aren’t you pleased that I’ve waited until almost Black Friday, rather than running the promotion from the middle of September which seems to be the norm these days?

My three amazing Black Friday offers are:

Join TEAM17
This is the MEGA offer (because you have to have one)! Join my private membership group TEAM17 for just £17! This is a saving of £82 off the usual £99 joining fee and it’s probably the best and most amazing Black Friday offer I’ve ever run. Take a look at what you get.

White Island
Next, download White Island, my relaxation and mental programming audio for just £5.

Voice That Book 
Finally, how would you like to learn how to create your very own audiobook? Audio is the fastest-growing area of publishing right now. Podcasting, courses, audio books and more are appearing every day. Learn how and save an amazing £452 with Voice That Book for £47.

All the offers are here: https://go.michaelheppell.com/black-friday

As always, I would love to hear any comments on my newsletter.

Please leave them below.

The sale runs for just 7 days.

Be Brilliant!

Michael (less choice equals happier customers) Heppell

PS The best offer, without a doubt, is joining TEAM17 for just £17. It’s an amazing group and the ultimate place to be better faster. Take a look: https://go.michaelheppell.com/black-friday


  1. November 24th 2022 by John Peters

    “Black Friday”, Cyber Monday”, “Rip-off Tuesday” all leave me cold. I tend to ignore most emails with that in the subject. “Black” is the retailer going into the black (making money). They try to make it look like its a good thing for consumers. Maybe it is. But it puts us into the “Red”. If you have a deal that is in both our interests then present it. I would skip the Bargain Bandwagon. This is just my view. I am sure you will do whatever works for you.

  2. November 24th 2022 by Jackie Winnell

    I like a bargain, I’m impressed by these offers and have purchased two as I’m already a Team17 member. I know that sometimes Black Friday, Flash sales etc are seen as a rip-off but that most certainly DOES NOT apply here. The savings on these are brilliant and as usual the content is well worth it. Thanks for the great prices Michael 😇

  3. November 24th 2022 by Jane Parsons

    It’s not clear that team17 is £17 per month. It may be just £17 to join, but I think you should say there’s a monthly fee.

  4. November 24th 2022 by Justina Jane McGillivray

    I’m delighted. I have been toying with joining Team 17 for months. This reduced joining fee is very helpful .. joining on Monday (pay day!) Thanks Michael 😊

    1. November 30th 2022 by Michael Heppell

      Brilliant! Can’t wait to see you in Team 17.

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