There are two types of ‘will’, True Will and False Will.

They both sound similar when you say them.

They both sound similar when you say them to others – the difference is when you make a commitment to do something with True Will you will do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Think about building True Will as like exercising a muscle.

Like any kind of exercise, it’s better to just do what you can do (and will do) for starters rather than planning to do something amazing – but never getting started.

A story about bread

I know a lovely lady who wanted to stop eating bread. It made her stomach bloat, it didn’t really agree with her but… she loved it.

Every week she would quit eating bread and sure enough, after a few days, she would go right back to it and start eating the doughy delights again. Then the guilt would start, combined with excuses and finally a mild depression.

When she discovered True Will she realised that her previous commitments had been based on False Will and would never work.

Her first True Will commitment was simple,  ‘I won’t eat bread for 48 hours’.

At the end of two days, she’d done it. She was on an up and so she re-committed for another 48 hours.  Completed it and…

Then she had a sandwich to celebrate!

The next week she went for 5 days knowing she could do four. The rest, as they say, is bread elimination history.

Actually it took four weeks with a couple of stumbles to finally build the muscle. But that was after years of ‘trying’ to quit eating bread.

What could you achieve by using True Will to change?

What are the benefits?

What can you build into a daily discipline?

Go for it, make a True Will commitment no matter how small – but remember, True Will means you will do it – no matter what it takes!

Be Brilliant!
Michael Heppell Sig


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