It’s the last day of August 2017 so, in month terms, you’re two thirds through your year.

How’s it going?

I always take an opportunity right now to re-evaluate my Wheel of Life and tomorrow I’ve scheduled 30 minutes with my wife, Christine to review ours together.

If you’ve never completed a Wheel of Life, you can print one and watch a guide to filling it in here and if you have completed a Wheel of Life in the past, then maybe now is a good time to revisit.

How can you change for the better if you don’t know what needs to change?

The Wheel of Life is a brilliant tool which is guaranteed to help you get the very best out of the last third of 2017.

This Summer
I’ve taken quite a bit of time off this summer. I was 50 at the beginning of July, my son was married soon after and I managed two brilliant breaks.

Apologies if my newsletters have been thin on the ground but I feel it’s important I walk the talk and a bit off time out was needed.

Now I’m back!

Next week I want to share with you; ideas for getting out of your comfort zone… and I also have an announcement to make which, to be honest, is terrifying me!

Be Brilliant!



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