Who could have predicted what an extraordinary two years we would experience?

In some ways time has flown.

In others it’s limped by.

No one knows what will happen next.

What I do know is the next two years are going to be equally as extraordinary.

Are you ready?

Ready to embrace even more change?

Ready to pivot, flip, switch?

Ready to accept?

Ready to be brilliant?

Embracing change starts with being ready.

If you’re feeling a little on the backfoot maybe February is your month to get ready?

I’d love to know what you think the next two years will bring and what we can all do to be ready – you can share your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. February 3rd 2022 by Jenny Williams

    Already got an unexpected promotion this year, so I’m excited to see what else 2022 brings! (hopefully a book deal…)

  2. February 3rd 2022 by CAROL TAPP

    As I write my 92 year old Mum’s dying in a ‘medical assessment’ ward. Registrar says she has internal bleeding and I’ve had to try – on compassionate grounds – to see her. NO SIDE WARDS at Blackburn Royal. Going in for HALF AN HOUR ONLY with proof of covid test. Absolutely outrageous – a dying lady in an ‘assessment’ ward……rather than at a Downing Street party!…Disgraceful.

  3. February 3rd 2022 by Mike Westcar

    Best not to worry about the next two years as mankind has been around for so long anyway. I suggest instead start planning for a holiday instead in the Summer

  4. February 3rd 2022 by Noel Wincote

    The next two years we’ll be getting out of this rut we are in right now and it will be surprising, surprising in a way that gives us hope that two years hence we will be back to normal – well getting back to that routine we all had.

  5. February 3rd 2022 by Jeff Stevens

    I think those of us lucky enough to have survived will come through stronger and better. We will also appreciate life a lot more

  6. February 3rd 2022 by Lesley

    I’m just incredibly tired after the last 2 years; I’m going to retire and start to live in the next 2!

  7. February 3rd 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    After having Covid-19 three times on top of an already comprised immune system, I am grateful to be here. My lovely daughter, an A+E Nurse has endured a lot during the pandemic so quality time with her is appreciated even more. Trips out and mini breaks in the UK with her are something to look forward to in the coming months. I am will continue to enjoy my fitness sessions at the gym and pursue my dream of becoming an author.

  8. February 4th 2022 by Mary Masaba

    One. Get my book first published.
    Two. Get my other books published
    Three Have as much laughter /joy as I can

  9. February 6th 2022 by lisa tubbs

    I’m half way through going over an origional book I wrote. It needs a lot of work and has got me through lockdown. Im enjoying writing it definitely lets your mind escape. I need to be more confident and ready to put things out to be able to gain back. So 2022 im hoping is the year I finish my book and who knows it would be fantastic to get a yes.

  10. February 7th 2022 by wendy McCracken

    I am more than ready :
    1.walked every day In Feb so far March and April
    2) Draft of book by end of Feb
    3.Big birthday party in April
    Can’t wait for next adventure so bring it on

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