This week, I was thrilled to share the news that our How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group is one year old.

I created some graphics with the words We Are One

What started as a phrase to celebrate our birthday quickly became so much more.

We Are One says everything about the people who receive this newsletter and the people who belong to How to Be Brilliant – much more than any birthday does.

          Old and Young – We Are One

          Black and White – We Are One

          Rich and Poor – We Are One

          Straight and Gay – We Are One

          Male and Female – We Are One

          Identify any way you like – We Are One!

Being part of a community that wants to be better, wants to learn, help and support others is what we have always strived for. 

This newsletter is sent to 8,000 people (with an amazingly high open rate).

Just think what we can do together.

We Are One.

Be Brilliant!


PS Over 3,000 people are having a great time on the Facebook Group this week. Come, join and take a peep.


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