‘How was your day?’

That was the question we used to ask our kids.

It was a useless request; as it prompted ‘fine’ as a response. End of conversation.

We changed it to:

‘What was the best thing about today?’

‘What could have been better?’

‘What made you smile?’


Last night I called our daughter. She’s a little older now, and on holiday with 10 mates in in house that resembles Frank N Furter’s castle* from the Rocky Horror Picture Show deep in the Scottish borders.

I still asked the same question, ‘What was the best thing about today?’

The answer.

‘We saw 100 piglets.’

Now that’s a conversation starter.

I firmly believe there are no boring people. Only people who don’t know how to ask the right questions.

Every weekend, I consider a question to post on my Facebook Group. 

It takes a bit of thinking to hit the right balance of weekend x intrigue x bothered to answer but we always receive over 100 responses.

Some are amazing.

Here’s a request for you to consider.

What’s your best question to get a conversation started?

Post it below and I’ll send a copy of Flip It to our favourite.

Congratulations to Ben Brimson who won our last competition with his answer to ‘What was your best email subject line?’

He sent this to Next customer service in an attempt to get their attention

‘I’m down here on the bottom of your shoe.’

Your best question/conversation starter? Post below… Go…

Be Brilliant!


Here’s the place where the filmed the Frank N Further castle scenes for the Rocky Horror Picture show.


  1. August 13th 2020 by Martin Dobinson

    Do you eat tinned fruit… who eats tinned fruit always gets people’s brains working

  2. August 13th 2020 by David Haley

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how amazing was your day and why?

  3. August 13th 2020 by Paul Lott

    Love the ‘I’m down here on the bottom of your shoe.’ Just sent it to my MP who’s not answering my pleas for help for our sector (softplay) that’s still closed.

  4. August 13th 2020 by Alun Romano

    What’s your story

  5. August 13th 2020 by Brenda Forrester

    Where’s the strangest place you’ve stayed overnight?

  6. August 13th 2020 by Beki Gaskin

    I start some great conversations with – “Wow do you know you’ve got a doppelganger…?”

  7. August 13th 2020 by Jane Stevens

    What’ve you been up to recently?

    Because people of all ages are usually ready to tell you things about their life and it gives you a chance to find out a little about them so you can make conversation in which they will be interested.

  8. August 13th 2020 by Beverley

    So you gorgeous piece of fabric, are you ready for your transformation?

  9. August 13th 2020 by Robert Tearle

    If you won a £1M to create a business – what would be your business idea?

  10. August 13th 2020 by Mark Gould

    What superpower would you like to have and why?

  11. August 13th 2020 by Koulla

    Have you ever used a Pe3nis Beaker?’

    so about 6 years ago I was out with friends and one was a new mummy.. that eve at dinner she was telling us a funny story that she read on MumsNet (I believe if you put P3nis Beaker in the search it’s still there..) anyway I just could not believe there was such a thing.. so later on that eve when we left the resto and went to the pub to meet more friends.. I told the story again.. oh how we all laughed with tears running down our faces again (go read it, it’s hilarious) anyway I started to ask random men as they passed our table if they had indeed ever used a beaker before.. one chap found the conversation so intriguing he sat with us for a bit, he chatted up a friend of mine (Karen), they swapped numbers, started dating.. and they have just literally had their second baby last week! 🙂 great question huh! 🙂

  12. August 13th 2020 by Ladey Adey

    If you live inside a book – which book would it be?

  13. August 13th 2020 by Lloydie Gardiner

    What can I do to make your next holiday better

  14. August 13th 2020 by DEE

    What sky stimulates, excites or relaxes you most (and the why? of course).

  15. August 13th 2020 by Des Reynolds

    If you could give your 17 year old self one piece of advice what would it be ?

  16. August 13th 2020 by Eddie Armstrong

    You can invite 6 people from ;The past,Present or future.For Dinner.At a location of your choice.The questions are :What,Why,Where,When,How and Who.

  17. August 13th 2020 by Helen Ball

    We used to have a stand at various interiors trade shows and we would ask potential customers “what caught your eye?”

  18. August 13th 2020 by George

    Who do you think would win a fight between a mountain gorilla and a grizzly bear?

  19. August 14th 2020 by Lorraine

    Who is your Celebrity crush ☺️

  20. August 14th 2020 by Linda

    What’s been the biggest highlight of your life, so far?

    Once asked this of an elderly lady at a ‘big’ birthday bash and was floored by her answer – representing GB in the 1936 olympics in Berlin! When asked what her second biggest highlight was, it was being taught to fly by Amy Johnson!! Another great story followed on the back of that, but too long to write here!

  21. August 14th 2020 by jennifer flint

    What is uppermost on your mind these days?

  22. August 15th 2020 by Helen RT

    If you had the opportunity to invent a new ice cream flavour, what would it be?

  23. August 18th 2020 by Mr Gary Stewart

    “How the hell did you end up in this place, half way round the world?”

    A question asked by a Geordie to a burly Aussie bar owner in our French village – pin drop moment!

  24. August 18th 2020 by Michael Vaughan

    We’ve been having these discussions with the children at dinner after the what super power/super hero would you be came the following:
    If you could be in any world from a television programme what one would it be and why?

    I’d like to be in Mr Benn’s world and visit the Fancy Dress shop!

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